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September 3, 2014


Hello beautiful friends!

How are you? 

So another amazing event by the beautiful ladies: Lauren, Abi and Jenny! Also, everyone else who helped organised the event, be proud girlies! I know how hard Lauren work at these events, by organising, setting up brands, etc, so it’s lovely to see her progression and passion for it. Credit to you woman! Also great to see you again! 

#bloggerconference and @ldnmeetup < Give them a follow!

 Popcorn treats can not go a miss! #Addictive

 POA: Plan of action for the (sunny) day! 

To begin win, everyone who follows me on Twitter and noticed the hashtag (huge trend on the day) #bloggerconference, you would know it was a pretty cool event at a very lush hotel:  Russel Square Hotel. Props to you guys for hosting the event at an amazing hotel! It was very blog worthy and spacious! There were so many of us, which was great as I was able to catch up with some blog friends, make new one and discover so many twitter handles in real life! It’s nice when people recognise you and you recognise them.. you’re both like we’re following each other right, “how was saturday..” I still find it a bit funny when people know ‘what’s up’ in your life for months on end then you finally meet and click! 

Straightaway then after the greetings, we were split into two groups at the conference, followed with the talks, which was informative and very interesting! SPOLIER. ALERT. 

First// Workshop//

First, we started the morning early with a workshop hosted by many talented individuals. First up was the lovely Sarah, from The Prosecodiaries! I quite excited to hear what she had to say as I have been reading her blog and hello, what a cool name! Jotting down notes while simultaneously snapchatting the event.. I’m that woman. If you follow me on snapchat, you would know I’ve passed the mark of 200 seconds now.. I don’t know why I’m not even remotely embarrassed- I guess I love documenting my life, here and there.. especially when you have an amazing host talking about how to monetize, carefully work with brands and maximise what you have right now to turn it into something. 

I love her honesty and how she has kept her integrity with it all.. these days well known bloggers, even the newbies don’t see to have that, which is a shame, but also you start to wonder who is genuinethese days. Anyways, enough rambling on, she was amazing and I learnt a lot! #educatedblogger

Next, I was so excited by this, as I mentioned social media, Pinterest in my dissertation, so I was a bit of a knowledgable geek when she mentioned a few things and I was like if this was a test I would pass. Ironically, I’m not on Pinterest (active) but I have made some little group/themes from years ago.. Who would have thought it would turn into such a popular thing for bloggers?! Laura, is a brand amassador for Pinterest, cool job, so she knew the ins and outs of it; given she had a lot of knowledge about Pinterest, of course, she told us the benefits and how to add (good) descriptions. I don’t use it, like I said, but I think now I will, as the truth be told I know I will be addicted to it and as I am busy I just can’t commit to that (Ha). I may post a few here and there next week, but we shall see! I guess I will use it as an inspiration outlet..

Last, but not least we had a very informative discussion about SEO from Jasmin Charlotte on what is SEO, how to improve and lastly all the techinical tips you can use for your blog. After the workshop, we had lunch from Pret. The girls and I decided to pop ourselves nearby, at the park and discussed what we do apart from blogging, what’s new and of course, I filmed a little, but this time on periscope.. We had SO many viewers, then people who replayed.. Anyone on periscope? Quite overwhelming the amount of people who view and I don’t quite believe I am almost on 400,000 hearts.. I’m still getting use to periscope.. Let me know if you use it beautiful!


After lunch from Pret, we had the exhibition to explore for a few hours along with the raffle prizes up for grabs! We raised a lot of money for the ldnmeetup charity, so it was thoughtful that it went to a good cause! The room was filled with many brands and we were able to see who was there from the app itself named Big Blogger.

Smiley Lauren, you go girl! <3

First, I probably spent a good 15 mintues talking to Suki reps about skincare, their products, as you all know I love skincare; totally was so blown away by the smells, what the ingredients were and how it all came about! I do talk a lot, but then again, I think it’s great for blogger to ask questions about brands. See what fits into their blog and how a skincare product can benefit them. One of my favourite brands from the exhibition! Love skincare brands as you know!

I was amazed at the different brands they had, ranging from jewellery, to skincare to shoes.. oh god shoes.. for a great discount, what can you not love about that.. I think I was at the shoeaholics for over 30 mintues, pretending not to be a shoeaholic *coughs*, trying on all the shoes that were in my size, talk about shoes and scoff/devour a couple of cupcakes in me. That woman. 

Ok, that sounded weird, but yeah I do love sexy shoes and the mentioned they had 70% off, (selected shoes), so a high top tip toe sale to me is a Godsend!


 Cupcakes were on point! #Tastytreats

 A few producs I won! #happyblogger Can’t wait to show you all the lipgloss and eyebase eyecream.. I think that’s the name of it.. Base before applying your eyeshadow in hope it can stay on longer.. Oh ignore me and my makeup knowledge.. Lets move on swiftly..

#kimkardashian.. #whythispic *insert hiding monkey emoji*

Can’t wait to reveal more about the hair shop. They did so well, it looked hot- so thank you!

Eeek, so happy I won the  No7 makeup collection. I will have a post about that soon! I was so tired, so forgive me for not showing the prizes (only person not to) when we had pictures taken!  #badblogger ..I had no idea it was me when I was called.. #verysleepyblogger. Cringe. But overall the day was so fun and well planned out! If you haven’t been to one of their events, what’s wrong with you, joking, get to it girl and SIGN UP! Contact them via email or twitter handles.. I had a change of outfit as you guys know (99% sure you dont) as I had another night out, this time planned with matt, crazy spontanteous night so a good Cheap Monday jeans and H&M was a perfect way to end the day. I was sweating in that dress! 

The brands:

The Gifting Lounge


House of Fraser



Jewellery Box

Bee Good

Suti Skincare

The Parlour

Look Fantastic


Heaven Skincare


If I have missed any, please let me know! Thank you!

After the event, Fran, Leah and I went to the bar.. and had a cheeky #orangejuice.. then once everything was packed up etc, girls and I had a #cheekynandos..(since when was chicken cheeky) and then Laura and I had a wonder around the shops before we caught our train to Kings cross!

In summation, to end this very long post, it was so lovely to see so many beautiful bloggers and right now it is 4:30pm, so in the next few days I would be heading off from another blog event to see Lauren and everyone at her Dirty Martini cocktail party event! Wahey for cocktails and wahey to see everyone again and new people. 

I do love the community at times; blogging world can be so supportive, fun and it’s great we can connect online and meet in person!

I will blog more on the products received in the near future. Keep your eyes open beautiful!

(Find candid pictures on my twitter)

Talk soon,



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