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GRABBLE (1st event)

September 20, 2014

Read on… 😉

The Grabble members were an adept team!

 It’s axiomatic

Hello friends, 

As a VIP blogger, it’s animotic you will indulge into the blogger world of greatness! The Bloggers Fashion Week has brought me loads of amazing opportunities, as well as some friendships. One of the lovely ladies I met, was Katie. Then fast forward a some months later and there is an email stating an invitation to an event that promises to ‘be completely epic, with food, cocktails, fashion and live music’. I couldn’t miss it, so I went straight after working on set, I was completely shattered and my makeup was so bad that evening! My makeup artist that day put so much on!

SO as you are all aware I am updating this new website and couldn’t bare to miss out mentioning the amazing events I had previously been to… GRABBLE: You can collectively can grab anything YOU LOVE, place it down and share it with you friends. GRAB BUTTON! Add all the beautiful things you LOVE into your collection!

Bag that bargain, girl! Collections are reduced and the team will let you know asap. So amazing!

GRABBLE. First event was totally off the hook! (Heh) The first event at the amazing Hoxton Hotel in central London and I have to admit I love it there! #jammingwithgrabble was pretty fun, I always enjoy bumping into my fellow blogger friends and catching up with a cocktail in hand.. and having the gorgeous Andy Jordan was around too! Oh, what a beaut and talented too! The whole concept was to merely mingle around to network, increase your grabble knowledge, enjoy live music and company! 

Evidently, attendees were so stylish and it was absoutley wonderful to see individuality shine through their chosen outfits and personaliyu. I love how everyone is like one big family everyone we meet up! I am able to not only communicate with readers/bloggers through social media but see them in person too, we always have a laugh! I kept it simple, all black and black boots. While I managed to network my way around the room, a few fellow bloggers mentioned some really interesting events coming up and invited me along so I CAN NOT WAIT for that!! When I was rather tipsy (as you do), walked up to this guy in an amazing suit who kept smiling at me, as I just had a feeling he was a photographer… So I had asked for a picture kindly… He actually laughed and replied, “My best friend (pointed to the guy with the camera) next to me is a professional photographer…and he is a pro! Turns out he was right. His best friend is a celebrity photographer and journalist. Oh intuittion, you come in useful even when I fuel myself with alcoholic beverages you never let me down. So, yup that is how I came out with these AMAZING pictures. 

Anyways, after the whole amazing night Katie and the Grabble team put together, we all stumbled our way across the road for the after party! One hell of a night we had; loved it so much! Until next time…Katie lived up to her promise. #JammingWithGrabble was brillant!


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