Video shocked me


September 21, 2014

WHAT THE…. I just want to give them a hug!

So.. there is this “trend” where a lot of young girls between the age of 7-15 are posting youtube videos of themselves asking the public,  “Am I pretty or ugly?” looking for comments with -honest opinions.. My heart melted! At that age, I was concerned about what I was having for dinner, which book to read, which of my favourite movies to watch or toy to keep me company.. not this! It is purely the fact they seek a stranger’s validation of  their physical appearance is scary, they have no idea who the viewers are!  When they admit to being called “ugly” at school it just frustrates me! They are clearly in need of help and desperate for someone to actually sit them down and talk to them! I honestly wish I could talk to each one and say you are beautiful. What also frustrates me to the bones are the responses to their videos. It is a mixture range from encouraging, to vicious, to downright perverted. Not to mention the YouTube imposters that only exist to throw out hate messages, who are basically cyberbullying these children. There is so much ignorance in this world, my eyes are bleeding from reading some comments!  Some have gone as far to “kill yourself now, yes you are ugly”. It’s so sad we are unable to change thier own thoughts and opinons especially as the hate comments can not be monitored 24/7. I really feel for these young girls and pray they do not take comments into consideration and end up harming themselves.

For now, take a moment to realise what is going on in the younger generation. Are you able to talk to someone younger than yourself and ask if everything is ok? Tell them they are beautiful and superficial comments should never make them feel anything less.


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