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September 24, 2014

Regardless of whether you work 9-5 in an office or working on your feet all day, we all have experienced days where you feel like crap; days where we feel unmotivated with life, sick of how things are and dread the word ‘work’ again. Some of us are really really lucky to have a job/jobs where we wake up wanting to start the day as soon as possible and there are some who loathe the job you want the day to end before it has even started!  It is normal to go from loving our jobs one day to absolutely saying you despire it! Stress can drain out our energy, and even beat us to the ground sometimes. You are  tired, work hours are so long or you simply have too much to do!  But coping with those shit day where you want to give up everything need not be such a tricky thing to overcome – if you’re having trouble staying positive in the face of personal burnout, follow these simple tips!

1. Don’t OVERTHINK.  It is OK to feel overwhelmed and consumed by feelings of never being able to recover how you once were before feeling rough, but this will not last forver. Clearly, there is a chance you’re overthinking it, so It’s never too late to come up with a new plan or change your path in life . You always have options. Don’t think about it too much!

2. Small STEPS! Focus on what you can do to make small changes. Sometimes this is all it takes. Choose what you are able to do NOW and  think about what small steps you can take towards achieving the overall chaneg you want in your life. Instead of focusing on feeling overwhelmed by being stuck in your position, come up with a POA. Plan of action is always ideal, so list out what needs to be done and get to it! It’s managable to get down to the first stage, then from there it is easier to tackle and you will find that it will become easier to deal with too. to tackle things in stages, one small step at a time than to not tackle them at all. This will then most likely help you regain some much needed motivation and your spark back!

3. CHANGE IT.  Add inspiring quotes, add a new desk item or some funny pictures of you and your friends. Even an open window can make a world of difference, or a picture of your celebrity crush- topless of course! HA

4. BREAK! Break up your day with a nice cup of tea, or go for a walk. Breaks are healthy and we all need more than a few every now and then!  Move away from the desk and take a walk even for 10 mintues as it will mentally shift from one job to another and make the day seem less tidious. TRY to avoid checking your emails/social media on your lunch break too, as these can all make you feel even more burnt out when you return to work. This will for sure re-energise your brain for the rest of the day and your eyes from the eye strain of your laptop!

What’re your little tips for getting through those crappy days? Let me know in the comments!



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