Sibling love


Hello beautiful people.

1st picture- Me “Lets do the vogue pose” Adam, “Yeah, I know the vogue pose”

2nd right- Me “Did you eat the last chicken I saved?!” “Wasn’t meeee”

3rd- Me “I swear to God, sometimes, we are not normal human beings. Adam, “No, just you” 

4th- Me “Crossed eyes and tongue out” Adam, “On your own, freakkk”

5th Me “Kisses and pout time! Adam, “Can’t we just take a normal pic”

6Th Me “Nope” adam “Oh what the hell, lets go craaazy”

Last  Adam “Lets just do our normal daily poses, which means you stick to the duck pout” “Me” mwah! xox

So after my revealing latest post and an eye opender I thought I would write something else to express my feelings too.. I don’t want to reveal my whole life story but I feel like I am able to express more depth to just a ‘ blog post’. To be honest, I have always wanted to write this letter and publish it, so now I feel now is the perfect time to -it feels natural. My brother, Adam, is two years younger than me and throughout life we have always been close. During our childhood, we were inseparable, we always played games together, even participated in modelling shows together, we shared a lot of childhood friends and we always had each other’s back Obviously, growing up, we ventured our own journey in life and but we are still very close.

The past two years have been very extremely difficult for me, it’s hard to explain in words how ‘difficult’ it really was. Looking back, I almost felt like I was in some crazy film wanting the end to finish soon as possible. Even if the extreme highs were the best I wouldn’t have want the extreme lows to come with it. Throughout it all bro, you have always been there for me and without a doubt the person I really feel deserves the world and more. With a pure heart and such a positive influence, you have 100% challenged me spiritually, academically, physically and always inspires me to look at the positive in life and provides me with an honest outlook on life. You made me look at my life, how very blessed and lucky I am as a 22 year compared to most and told me I’m here for a reason so don’t give up. When I was at my rock bottom, you were the only person who was there and was there to turn it all around and lifted me up like you life depended on it. When I was at that bad stage in my life where I just wanted to end it, you cried and told me to never think like that and you wouldn’t have been able to forgive me. It certainly made me think twice about how much I care and how much I truly never want to see you hurt again, by me or anyone. Sometimes we can’t live together, but we can’t live without each other!

Whenever you say, “Oh, I’ve mentioned you at work today/ to my friends etc/ I’m so proud of you”, it truly makes my heart melt and if anything, I am the one proud of you. I’m proud of you, the person you are, the way you don’t complain to talk to me until silly o’clock (3,45am) about random things in life and can put everything into perspective for me. You do it because you care. You are such a silly thing sometimes, whenever I ball out crying, you end up crying too; you end up saying ‘why are we crying over this’ then I reply with mascara running down my face ‘yeah, looook at me, I like a drugged up witch’ haha.

No, but honestly, your judgements are always spot on and I know I can always rely on your opinion and ideas. You always remind me by saying ” You’re too beautiful and smart for that person anyway, what the hell were you thinking” putting it out there like you had a gut about a guy or a friend the start. I end up realizing you were actually right about a lot of people and thank you for being there whenever I feel down about people. I always tell you how intelligent and talented you are but I feel like I don’t tell you enough how lucky I am to have you as my brother and how much I love you. My life is extremely busy and I get busy, yet I feel like life has given me a real proper chance right now to really open my eyes and see the man who is important to me. People come and go, but it’s the ones who stay and will always no matter how hard the sitation is.. As energetic, crazy weird and as bubbly as my personality can be you always seem to get me. We have our random weird hilarious moments and whenever as I am away from home I always miss those moments so much. Oh yesterday, when I had a little immature moment as I walked towards the gym and called you up pretending to be Proactive. Asked questions about the products you use and you were deadly serious about the given answers. I can not quite comprehend how I managed to mantain a female and a male voice under one mintue, you fell for it, until I said, How do you feel about being a spot face and you were like erm huh? Haha mean, but good times. Oh and ages ago, that specific random time we told the pizza man to hand over the food through the window so mum wouldn’t wake up from upstairs and I ended up with a twisted ankle that night. haha these are only the few.

God forbid, but say tomorrow I died, or if something happened to me.. I would feel extremely bad as I would not have been able to tell the special man in my life how much I love you, how proud and important you are. We actually do not know when life will end. Ok, not to sound too deep about life, but, you know sometimes you actually need to appreciate and voice out to all the special people as we can take them for granted; who is here tomorrow may not be here the next day. Whenever I ask people about their relationship with their siblings, majority of the time, (which is quite sad), they’ve replied they’re not close or they hate each other or there just isn’t a bond like what we have. I am so lucky we have a bond where people who meet us are like, “Omg you’re both so lovely and hilarious I wish I had a sister or a brother like you”. We are a strong team and I thank God you are in my life.

You’re truly blessed with intelligence, incredible talents and a kind pure heart which is so rare to come across these days. Aside from the other talents, one which sticks out like a sore thumb, because all your art work is displayed around the house, is your masterpieces. Seriously: you do not know how incredible you are as an artist, do not sell yourself short and do not waste this talent. 

Never change and always know how much I love you and how proud I am to call you my brother.

P.S Oh and I hope you enjoy MY bedroom which you have turned into your study/art room, haha, but it’s cool because it’s you!

-Are you close to your sibling? 

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