Steam and Rye, London.

Hello beautiful people!

AH, as I am writing this up, I literally just want the food and cocktails I had at Steam and Rye to just magically appear in front me, that’s how good it was and that’s how hungry I am right now.. Even though I had dinner! #alwaysgoingtobethefatone…

SO, towards the end of last year, Steam & Rye opened its doors to London, in bank! This is one of my fabourite cocktail places to go to! I’ve met and have seen Kelly Brook here as she owns like a small tiny percentage of it, so I guess it certainly didn’t hurt with the all the publicity during private show events and on their review pages.  Hot spot, it’s better in person!

What is the venue like?

Beautiful. So the decor is truly inspired by Grand Central Station which are in the main hall and station gardens. It’s really impressive! I love the Eastern Pacific Steam Train Dining Carriages. The train carriages at the back are 100%  prefect environment for a lunch meeting or lunch in general, haha. But even perfect for a night out, especially if it’s your birthday, there is a little sparkly treat for you.. 

And the staff?

Honestly, the staff are super friendly and seem to be constantly on the move around the place which does make it easy to flag one down. I love the managers are always there for your every need and you do not have to worry about anything! The staff are always making sure everything is okay every now and then, some may find it annoying, but for me, in a busy environment I personally think it’s good. Espeically if you are out with friends out to eat here, you do not want to wait so long for someone to come over and take another order or be just be at service. 

Why should I go?

Seriously, it’s one of London’s hot spot venues on the list! If you’ve never heard of Steam and Rye and you’re from London, where the hell have you been living?! t’s one of my favourite bars, simply for many reasons and one being their cocktails are 10/10! I am a huge cocktail lover as I am normally easily pleased with a juicy cocktail every now and then, but not easily impressed; until I came across Steam and Rye last year and thought wow these cocktails are OTT but SO worth it! OTT as in you may find popcorn at the top of your cocktail in a popcorn plastic cup, or an oreo with a frozen lollipop with whip cream and chocolate bits inside. Ah, it’s heaven and the cocktail itself is on point. Bigger the better.. right!?  I am always very impressed with their cocktails and they always deliver with a great attitude too! 


As for the atmosphere, the music is always a mix, I guess it depends on their night, but I certainly always love it when I’m there. It’s a mix of classics, pop, rnb, soul, everything!

They normally have a live band, a dance show and there is always an event happening! The night we went along was the Bull night; although we weren’t in the right zone to go on it, as we constantly stuffed our faces with the food and drinks, we enjoyed the night! Insert sassy emoji times a million food emojis! 😉

I went along with my good friend Anastasia, she’s such a good friend of mine and we loved the evening- amazing food and drinks with an incredible atmosphere and many many laughs!

Have you been to Steam and Rye?

I love you Steam and Rye! 

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