Trip to Amsterdam


So Joe and I decided to be spontaneous, I was treated (insert emoji: princess crown) and ventured to Netherlands, Amsterdam, recently, late summer surprise! I got your tickets, lets gooooo! I had been stressed out over work, uni, life in general, when you’re 22 and have a million of adult responsiblities; so this was perfect to de stress, unwind and relax! I found it funny when one guy (at the milkshake shop)was like, can we keep her here.. I was thinking I couldn’t live here, it’s not for me, but nice for a getaway, at least! The accomdation he paid for, turned out to be very nice, for a hostel, suprisingly, I had no idea it was recently built and lucky it was right next to the station! 

I honestly was not going to post this, as I normally keep personal, holiday/personal outgoings to myself, but these pictures were just too good not to ‘show off’, haha! As my friends said, ‘instagram/blog worthy’ to show off! So I do hope you enjoy, and recommend you to go, if you haven’t! 

Here are the pictures: <3

We had been saying all year we needed to get away ! Being university student plus working, and him working too time off was hard for both of us!

he <3 me  

 I couldn’t resist a cheeky little..

bar it out!

Red light, ready for work then.. (kidding) Honestly, I wanted to see some super gorgeous hot ‘babes’…aka, something else, but it was a let down! It was however, a great insight, during the nights at what really goes on.. I guess unless you experience it for yourself (tour around at night), you don’t quite understand the whole vibe! 

Likes taking pictures of me (candid) apparently it’s better when you’re not posing.. ‘natural shots’, ha!

Not a camera fan! special

#OOTD playsuit, from Topshop!

Nearly got lost taking this picture, so I hope you appreciate the postcard insta-worthy pic! Joe was like hurrry up, and I was like, but it’s so cute! #dontgetlostabroad!

Then..Super healthy lunches! (insert all the healthy emojis)

 Little something! To all those #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) This store was unbelievably sexy! 

 Art.. so sexy!

How I manage this without falling, probably, one in a million!

Met these two on our tour around centre! Love a good history talk, educate yourself!


#snapchat knew where I was all along, even when no one knew at all!

‘Girls be like..” #foodblogger #hashtag everything.. #picture! (ha)

 I’m like.. when do I ever stop eating (a lot) 

 Answer: Never. yay for high metabolism.. nay, for constant hunger pains.. 

Instagram: lovesxtine I’ll be uploading a few (restrict yourself, girl) to my instagram, so don’t forget to like/share, if you liked them!

Keep your eye out, for the food (lobster) post, fashion (my style) coming up this/next week..

Now, I’ve been since 5 being busy.. so now, it’s 8am, exactly, 3 things ticked off list.. emails, workout and blogstuff.. Now to enjoy Monday! 

Speak soon lovely, and remember to always smile!


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