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Hello beautiful friends!


So many people ask me, what foundation do you use, what eyebrow kit do you use, lipstick, etc etc.. So, I thought why not have a (short-ish) blog post about it! 

PS- I am no beauty expert, even calling myself a ha(h)shtag #bbloggers makes me chuckle to my knees, as people who know me, know I am the worst person ever to apply makeup on my face, let alone others. I just can’t. These tips and tricks most #bbloggers can do, makes me think I am doing something wrong! Contouring, now all shapes on the face, which somehow, miraculously looks perfect in selfies- I wish! Hellow clown! -I either learn a few tips when I am on set, by a professional makeup artist, or go on youtube, or just ask friends.. I go with the latter! 

Althought, I do prefer the fresh face, as being on camera all the time with makeup can almost make you want to go makeup free when I’m not at work.. I just washmy face and apply heaps of face creams on, wanting to just leave it be, sometimes the effort of doing your makeup is tiring! If you can KISS (keep it simple), then it will take no more than 5 mintues! With my top 5 beauty products I use, aka obsessed with, aka life savers, you will find these products work wonders!

1st up guys! (Obsessed with this) Uploaded small videos on my Instagram: lovesxtine 



Tip: Always ask the makeup artists in store for help, ESPECIALLY when you are looking for a foundation, if you get the colour wrong, it can look a bit odd, so always make sure lovely you find out the colour for you! 

I have sworn to loyalty to no 7 stay perfect, when I was at university I had my skin tone looked at by machine, it came out ‘honey’ foundation colour, always used it, until now I have opted for a change – I still use no 7 now and then! 

I have fallen for this mabelline one, it is a bit more dewy and glossy and I find it works well for me right now..

It is ideal for ‘normal’ skin, dermatologist-tested, whichi is great, it won’t clog pores and I find it can last glowy all day! I blend it in with my fingers, it works well for me personally, as I know how much to use! 



I am obsessed with THE BROW BOX, Urban Decay. I can not find any faults, I came across this while I had a good wander around the sales a few months ago, tempted by the devil to check out a few beauty bits.. The beautiful makeup artists picked it out and I have not loved a beauty product as much as this. I have recieved heaps of lovely compliments and quite humble by the fact people think they look so good, it is quite funny how us women, not sure about men, but women do seem to pay attention to eyebrows more than anythig right now.. What is that saying, “don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you what to do in life”..actual lols! So, with this kit, you have the wax – to keep the brows at bay, mine seem to wonder off like a hairy mary at times, so you’ve got that and two basic colours – light and dark. Pick the one you want and lightly go over your brows. You have the tweezer, plus two small eyebrow brushes to go with it under the second pocket, two mirrors, very worthy and compact!


EYESHADOW PALLETE: (IN THE MOOD) (Won, blogger event)  Ranging 3.50-£10 depending where you buy it from.. Affordable!

I won this at the raffle prize at the blog event recently, which I had mentioned previously. I am obsessed witht the last three nude shades.

-“6pc Eye Colour Palette: Shrimp, Oops, Venice, Wink, Katie & Cargo.

-Natural Nude – Eye Colour Palette.

-Easy To Blend.

-For Natural Smokey Look”.



I have found the perfect mascara! Mine are literally no even visible, I tease my brother saying I will chop his off at night, because they are so long and I need them! Seriously, why do some men have better eyelashes than women who need it?! ..With this ultimate beauty, you can rest assure you have the best eyelashes in town! Ready to bat them at any hottie, I mean anyone! The curled brush helps lift your eyelashes, use it after curling your eyelashes and you’ll find your eyes look awake and pretty!



Lastly, I am obsessed, (times a million), with red lipsticks/lip glosses/balms etc, so when this came out a while ago, I knew I had to save up for it! It lasts all day, looks so glam, just perfect for those who love a bit of colour on the lips! It definately makes your lips stand out; you’ll feel so glam whenever you have it on! “Miley Cyrus’s shades of VIVA GLAM Lipstick. Her super-sexy hot pink hue in M∙A∙C’s iconic Lipstick formula and new shade in a super-sexy bright orange hue. Every cent of the selling price goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Limited-edition packaging features Miley’s signature”, featured on the mac website states it’s her signature look, supersexy, love how it goes to charity too! The box and holder itself is very pretty, for those who love mac lipsticks, try this out!

What are your top 5 products?! Let me know… 

Much love, oh, and thanks for reading, love you loads! (I never know who’s reading, so if you are here is a kiss) *_)

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