September 2, 2015


Hello beautiful friends!

Another blog post in a week.. (on a roll aren’t I) whilst eating a roll.. #cheeky. Not.

What are the links again in relation to this post and sentence, oh yes, #lblogger, #foodblogger, #goodblogger #shesalwayseatingblogger  ðŸ˜‰

Well, you better be blown away with a new FUN app, you have not yet discovered, thank me later beautiful people.

Have a little scroll through the pictures.. Enjoy!

I am obsessed, meaning I check it out religiously er’day, everyday.. I am always on the go in central with work, then castings, events, etc etc.. So it’s great to know new cool ‘trendy’ places I have not yet discovered and nurouish my sweet tooth now and then! With the app you can discover what’s new! It’s one of my favourites! Love finding new cafes, restaurants, places to chill/party/events then you should down the ‘Hype App’ right now.. it’s free too! So is the tour, which I will go into detail in a little while, aka next few paragraphs lovely!

I am always out with my friends in central (most of the time), as they all work in differents areas so, it is convient for us to meet halfway which always seems to be around oxford circus/covent garden etc ;it’s best to merely have one platform to advise on where to go, what’s hot right now and any special offers (on food please). On a night out, my friends and I always want to know places which are open (obviously) with offers on drinks and new scenes! 

I was contacted by the Shoreditch hype app group numerous of times, but previously I so busy, so had to decline the tour few times, but, I was so happy to accept when I had the time after a casting, after work.. SO glad I had attened one! Ernie, the tour guy, *coughs* cutie, (who said that?) was so lovely, knew where to go and all the details.. As well as being so friendly, enthusiastic which was everything. Fun, entertaining and enjoyable– to sum up the experience. I met new cool people, impromtu decisions on food delicacy and experienced a cocktail class! 😉

I had a random weird urge to just go and pick the octopus on the menu..(because that’s so normal Xtine). Ha

How was it? Honestly, I just couldn’t stop thinking about pictures of octopus whilst chewing on the leg, so it did make me feel a tad queezy. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too bad, a bit obsessed with mayo, (oh xtine why oh why), so, yeah, maybe it would have tasted slightly better. It was very chewy and the potatoes I had with it made it less gross. Joking, it wasn’t disgusting at all, just very chewy for my liking and had a good texture to it. I had previously researched about the taste of octopus, what I have gathered was the the skill of the chef mattered more, so I guess I had a pretty good chef! It was cripsy and quite tender inside, although it kind of resembled rubber, tad rubbery. Would I have it again? Why not! Never say never..

Ice cream looked inviting..basically called out to us straight away! *b*itch better have my money voices*..Well, there weretoo many to choose from; sucked that although I wanted to try most, my algergy held me back on that one. So, I decided to opt for the milkshake! Next best choice..yumm… after trying the ones I could allow myself to indulge in! Why not

We are ALL obsessed with documenting our lives, in one way or another.. For me, it’s twitter, my blog, linked to twitter and snapchat.  Simple, easy and it leaves out the ‘farmville requests’, basically I don’t use Facebook. Who does? So, this app is great for real time users who are constantly on the go. Snap it, tweet it and blog it. 

You can tweet about your experiences and snapchat it along the way. 

I did a little research, as you do, came across this insightful interview. 

Can not wait to see the Shoreditch team again! You have been so lovely to me!

An interview I found online: 

Amazing aren’t they 😉 Have you been to one? I want to go to another one..

Read more: http://wallblog.co.uk/2015/05/20/digital-shoreditch-2015-the-future-of-things-to-come/#ixzz3kFu9TgxF 


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Quotes of the day (Yes, you know you (secretly) love them)

‘Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun’.

Nina Dobrev


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