DNKY perfume


Here is my signature scent:

A signature is your personal mark in signing. Apply that concept to smell. 

So, a signature scent is the fragrance that others associate with you. Once they have a particular smell in mind, the immediately think of you.

Hopefully a signature scent is one that you love above all the rest and gets you compliments as well. Seems to be a lot to ask for. For me, whenever I wear only one fragrance all the time, after a while you can’t smell it like the first time so what’s the point of that? Although this scent is beautiful, I still prefer a fragrance for every mood. Your perfume is a  reflection of your taste, your personality, what makes you, you. It’s the scent that helps define who you are, the key ingredient in my honest opinion, is helps define who you are as an individual. 

In the perfume advertising world, it broadcasts a true message about its wearer.

Back in 1950s, all the perfumes spoke the message of a feminine touch and brushed upon the sexuality, a subversive message. The perfume ad for ‘Primitif’, had the image of a sexy-vixen with sultry lips, along with the tagline which asks, “Why not let your perfume say the things you would not dare to?” I believe perfumes add a touch to create the sexy side you should uncover.

What’s your scent?

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