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Pssst, oh hello GHD lovers, *hugs*, something in common already.. so, you’ve probably heard of thier range, it’s already out but I am obsessed with it! AND on the side I am a GHD brand ambassador, so I’ve been obsessed with styling, learning about hair and what each product can do for you…

Sorry in advance, as this post was LONG overdue… busy hetic life can get in the way! I hope you appreciate this post! and learn a thing or two..?

A true proud ghd lover since ghd surfaced the web (!) ..Let’s say GDH has always been one of my favourite brands!  I am more than ecstatic to review these items which was given to me at the LONDON FASHION WEEK private GHD event.. Billion of emails.. oh, GHD, this is a true gem surprise, what do we have here.. An invite! *punches the air* what do I wear, who will be there, what time is it and where?! This was one of my favourite events…

These items are, as you all know, an extremely well known. The hair brand probably best known for ultiamte success with straighteners, so it’s more than obvious they would make amazing affordable styling products to sway compliment their useful long lasting hair tools! GHD= good hair day…

I was kindly given, very much appreciated, at the ghd event! It was probably one of the best events I have been to, honestly, everyone was super lovely, informative and generally wanting to make everyone feel super welcome! Adding a touch of *kink*, at the event was fun, bumped into amazing celebrities, who were very down to earth. Along with that, they had supplied some special alcohol and treats. Treats: canapes, desserts, gifts, hair done and pictures taken! Lisa Snowdon looked incredible in her bright coloured blazer, Ashley Roberts looked gorgeous in her all black outfit, she was so down to earth, kind and was fine with taking a few pictures bless them both! The ghd stylists were true gems, thanks a million for making my hair look pretty, for the hair advice I’ll treasure for years and the PR team/creative director/whole GHD team for invite! You’re all sensational!

The education book, as I am doing some BA work for GHD! The more you know the better 😉

Perfect for when I’m off to bed.. need all the sleep (zzz) in the world! Bluebella, thank you!

Thanks for the notepad, always handy, when you are on the go and need to write down something important! (when iphone dies) ie, all the time!

 What I got.. so thankful; thanks GHD these are all my gems for life!

First up the packaging, ghd never fail to make their products look very sleek and modern! Anything pretty, girly, yet different indie style works well with me, I’m not a huge fan of girly pinks and over the top flowers– so these products are for me!

It comes in a cardboard box which shares the same modern design, bubbles of gold and pops of my favourite colours!

As one of thier brand ambassdors, right now, I have obsessed with thier curl hold spray; by using the creative want, which is my favourite and will most likely buy next year… I’ve loved the fulled head curled -hair-comes-to-life-look. So this is more than handy, it’s a dream! It lasts for 12 months, a few sprays before you curl on clean hair is all you need to do! You use the spray by applying to DRY hair! All you need to do is just take a section of the hair which your going to be styling, spray from root to tip, comb through and then use your styler to create your curl/wave! Then once your curl/wave is complete you can also spray a little extra on over the top just to help secure and support your curls/waves and then voila.. It’s really that simple! It is truly formulated to enhance and define curls giving them bounce, which does the job as I always find my curls just dying on me, goes down after an hour or so!

Cream straight and tame:

Cream straight and tame! It’s my ohh, laa, laa baby! As I normally straighten my hair, daily, this is a blessing!

helps transform and tame curly/unruly hair more quickly and easily”, while having a slick and straight look for much longer.. What is also amazing about this, apart from the results shown below, is  contains the ghd heat protection pray with it too.

It says you need 3-5 pumps, before blow drying, I would say 4 small pumps is enough! Massage between your hands and fingers for an even application! It smells so good, kind of smells like a guy though, that I’ve just showered man smell to it! Haha, but honestly, it works so well my brother steals it sometimes..It is not sticky or thick at all, it contains the right amount of cream in one pump! I love the green and gold design, it’s so modern and the style of GHD products are very attractive

I have decided to big and bold crimped hair, I prefer the hair style after 3 days if I am honest, two days without crimping and washing for a bigger style look is better for me. I have extremely thin hair, so the bigger the hair the better! Right now it is so full of volume, it’s incredible! Hello dry hair shampoo.. that’s my trick to keeping it clean!

I have seem to lost mine, but will upload the picture when I find it *depressing moment*….

Anyways, on to the next!

Total volume foam:

If you are genuinely looking to have soft but lasting volume and a bring me to life hair look, go for this. It is also perfect, because it contains the ghd heat protection; Best for: creating a nautural root lift; better for fine thin hair, like mine.

You only need three pumps, for me, I have chosen 3, (depending on length/ thickness) to damp, but more towards dry hair before blow-drying. For a more textured look and feel, apply liberally to dry hair and blow-dry in.

Furthermore, what I found with this product is that it is light weight, it doesn’t drag your hair down; I use it because I want big, puffed up hair as my hair is very thin! After using this, my hair looks and feels extremely volumised which is a miracle! It is understandable to think foam and mousses are the same, I mean, I practicall thought they were similar, but they’re not! Mousses, as you can see if you had it now, is a lot more thicker, whereas a foam is less thicker, more of a handwash drop!

In the meantime, everyone says, apply to damp hair, but go with how you feel, so, I prefer it when it is dry, but after using a heat protector spray! It gives me, personally, a better result, as the foam itself can give the wet look anyways! I found it looks sleek, glow-healthy hair model type!

Paddle brush:

Top tip: Spray across your brush, before brushing it so you’re not overusing the product; also spray final spray or a glitz shine on the brush after for that perfect sleek effect!

Lastly, it is very effective for all hair types, this is literally is the best brush I have used, it’s big enough to brush my hair few times and leaves it feeling silky soft!

Right, now off to shower, as I have work at 2 til late.. wish me lush as I am working 9 days straight.. just looking forward to my birthday night now, which is next week…

LOVE the christmas vibe right now in central, don’t you? I hope you’ve had an amazing week and enjoy your weekend…



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