Hello beautiful people!

I have just realised, unintentionally, to put aside posts on some crazy fun spontaneous outings which happened last month (oops)! Only recently had I flicked through (thousands) of pictures/videos etc, came across these gorgeous breathtaking pictures to only remember I completely forgot! My bad.

My good friend Nick and I decided to hit up London, Savoy hotel for some drinks and a casual one (after the lush obster place) To be honest, for the price it was worth it- they were exceptionally tasty (strong) and just the whole experience was fun- you’re treated very well by the staff and looking around at the interior design and window shop was cool to say the least! While flashing cash is not me, at all, every now and then it’s acceptable to treat yourself and not feel (too) bad about it! My friend Nick suggested it, thinking about it, paying for lets say, the price of two cocktails in London seems over the top, ridiculous, but when it’s worth 5 cocktails in one go, it’s more than worth it! You do feel slighlty weird (drunkish) after just one cocktail here, (£15) average price, so it’s worth it, if you want to treat yourself once in a while! It was on my ‘to do list’ for a very long time, just hadn’t had the opportunity with the right people/time for it! We always have a laugh together, so it’s always good to go with someone who knows all the cool places in London and up to be spontateous!

Despite the urge to just sit and enjoy their new cocktails, we randomly looked everywhere for a while and take picturs (as you do).. We were then kindly handed the menus, we were shocked at some of the prices and had a right giggle looking around the rooms wondering who spent the most! “He looks like someone who would spend 2K on drinks”. *insert laugh out loud emoji* -Literally. The rooms were stunning, so beautiful, so perfect. Literally. Along with the experience, it is worth it. The jazz music was lovely, the singers were so beautiful, it was bliss; it kept our hunger at bay with random salty nibbles that were topped up constantly by the bubbly hostess

If you want a luxurious, peaceful, tranquil night, which can easily get you drunk faster than you can say cocktails, in a very classy way, I would highly recommend it!

Enjoy the pictures. Let me know if you have been before, as I would love to know what you ordered!

 How was your weekend? I am excited for Halloween weekend, so much planned for it!

Take care! Let me know your thoughts over my Instagram: LOVESXTINE and Twitter: WORKXTINE

Love always, thanks for reading beautiful one!



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