L’Oréal Hair Products


September 12, 2014

During my visit to the Bloggers Love Fashion Event I was kindly gifted these L’oreal products which are very usefyul for me! I absoultely loved the fact these are brand new to the martket and we were the first to try out!

What to do? Ok, so spray on the mid-lengths and ends and brush it out. 

Want more texture? Apply more! Apply & layer as desired to achieve your ‘just out of bed’ look. Get lift from the roots with this superb spray-mousse. Leaves ends light and free whilst creating height at the roots of your hair for super sexy, stylish hair. This is fantastic to use on the roots without having to use a lot of proudcts on. The moouse itself is packaged differently but still works wonders! It is perfect in every aspect! The moose is great for styling and I would recommend it to any hair lovers out there, it is worth every penny! They both lasted all day and was surprised at the results to be honest!

After using this product you can see it pumps up your hair as I hate a flat hair look!

Have you tried yours?

Thanks again to RUSH HAIR for gifting me these products! *gifted

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