Wimbledon Event

What happened at Wimbledon? Afterparty..

Just to let you all know I’ve moved all my content from my Wix to my WordPress. All comments have obviously been left behind. So all comments before 18/19? Posts aren’t on here.

Also Rip to Joe, an amazing photographer who sadly passed away. He was truly a friendly hard working man and invited me to a few popular events after meeting me at a blog event, which I’m very grateful for! He advised me on a lot regarding how the industry works behind scenes and told me to continue with blogs and vlogs. Quite rare to come across people in the industry who want to lift you up and mention your name in a room full of opportunities. So thank you Joe!!

After PARTY!

I was super stocked to be invited to the Wimbledon after party event, it was ahhmazing!

After one of the craziest mornings of my life (no seriously) I managed to not miss the event had a lovely evening as I met some new fellow bloggers. Then it ended with some burritos with my friendz! I have seen Jai’me Jan at so many previous events, one being my first event invited by Superdry back in fall 2013 but never had the chance to speak to him, so glad we are now blogger friends! His style is always immaculate and such a lovely person! He wanted to take a couple of photos and I jumped at the chance as the interior design was beautiful – some cute memories!

So lucky to have a chance to visit Cannizaro House, as it has been nominated for 2 prestigious awards! Damn!


LAUNCH party @StellaArtois @CannizaroHouse. #Wimbledon2014 @JoeAlvarezUK @jaimelondonboy Beautiful guys! @Wimbledon pic.twitter.com/ZBZuGD9w1X

Hope you enjoyed.

Have you met a blogger recently? I would love to meet you all!


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