LUSH is HEAVEN in one shop!

Lush is a shop that I have a soft spot for. Whenever I go shopping, I have to enter it to see what’s new and a quick nose around!  The beautiful smell that washes over you as you step through their shop.. How can you not love LUSH?!  I pretty much buy at least one product every month, where it’s for the shower, or a face product! I love their animal-friendly attitude and as well as their commitment to using synthetic ingredients.

I have created a winter wish list containing all that I hope to try very soon! There are at least 3 bloggers I am following who share the desire for Lush that constantly floats around the blogosphere, so let me know your thoughts!

Lush Bath

Rub Rub Rub

Shower Scrub

Space Girl

Bath Bomb

The Comforter

Bubble Bar


King of Skin

Body Butter

I have used “King of soap” plenty of times and for the skin it is worth the price! You feel like royalty once this is applied, so I would tell you all to buy it for christmas!

Big Blue

Bath Bomb

Lush Lotions


In the blogging world, I have read about the Lush lip section and lip scrub and have always wanted to have my very own!  As I tend to wear a lot of matte red lipsticks, I’ve been meaning to invest in a red lippy/lip scrub! One of my fears would be I may end up eating it! Haha my only fear is that I might end up eating it. 

Santa’s Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

It Started with a Kiss

Lip Tint


Lip Scrub


My first EVER bath bomb and I can not wait to try it out! 

I plan to use it after my exams and university term so I can fully relax and endure its scent and every moment that comes with this little santa beaut bath bomb, (what a sentence!) Anyways, as much as it looks pretty, I can not wait to dissolve it into my hot bath soon! 

P.S I feel very christmasy as I look at it, ah and christmas is only around the corner so this is more than perfect for a present!

I have used this year in and year out. I adore snow fairy and mainly because it smells out of this world! I tend to buy a couple, then keep the rest for the year as you can not buy it say in the summer or after the christmas season! It leaves your skin feeling SO smooth and your skin smells amazing too. Their tiny glitter prints will turn your dull skin into a healthy glow, which you need for the winter to brighten up! 

What have you bougth from Lush recently? Let me know! I’m obsessed with lush xcx


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