New Year 2016

New year, new me bullshiiiit…

January 7, 2016XTINELOVES


Thank God it’s a new year, I MEAN, HELLO, I literally can not express with words how crazy last year was.. Yeah it was crazy. Can summer hurry up, please and thank you.. Anyways…

We’ve all heard numerous times the boring as f* saying, “new year, new me”; it’s truly preposterous and expected from just about everyone.. New me? Nope. Bish, you were the same person 10 days ago, *why lie forrrr?!* True.

Just wiser and stronger, still me..

I’m truly blessed with all the opportunities I had last year and able to learn from valuable lessons that will for sure stick with me for life. This year, in 2016, I will take on everything from last year and improve. Last year, it was all about risks, in my personal life- relationship, friendships and work. 

This year? It’s time to thoroughly think through EVERYTHING and analyse it.. By trusting my intuition, as it never fails! 

I’m more than happy I took risks last year, with work, I was able to hold my dream role for about 5/6 months, be part of amazing opportunities, roles for TV, films, adverts and some private blog events. I was able to meet some people I’ll most likely cross paths with when I have my dream career and take a good look at what’s best for me, no one else. This year, all my ideas, inner creative yearnings will be released.. that sounds a bit snazzy, but why not give it a go! Whenever I have an idea I shut myself down, “it’s crap, wtf was I thinking”, but then I go ahead, somehow and then late down the line I thank my younger self for doing so. So, this year, I will throw myself in the deep end, no matter how many obstacles I have to overcome and agonising patience I have to attain. As my dear blonde bombshell 93 year old grandma says to me, “be patient, it will come..” and on that note I’ll go ahead with my resolutions!

1) Stay positive, everyday. I’m pretty much blessed to have an amazing family, real friends I can count on- I mean, those friends that will pick you up at 2am from your house to cheer you up, or pick ya call at 3am to talk about your issues.. so I have support there. To stay positive all the time, can be quote difficult, it’s easier to see the negatives, so this year it’s my number one goal to be positive no matter what. My mums best friend, basically like an aunt, Linda bought me 365 afffirmations for a year of positive thinking, with amazing quotes for each day of the year. As nerdy as this sounds, I have read each page everyday and it sticks with me throughout the day.. today, “our lives are full of opportunities waiting to be siezed”.. so with that in mind stuck between thoughts, I decided to put a plan into action! 

2) Focus on my health. I am pretty lucky, *touch wood* (literally) I don’t have any diseases, any restrictions on certain main foods or disabilities, so I should be more than greatful to be healthy and happy within! I need to eat better, also, exercise every week. Now, I know I can go 6 days without sugar (only natural sugars) because it was tried and tested last year. So this year it’s time to cut out sugar 95%, drink at least 1.5 litres of water, 2nd day success, also stick to fruits and vegetables! I can be good, but then I see something like a cheesecake, or a slice of red velvet cake and say how its someone’s birthday in the world, so why not kinda mentality.. which I need to get rid of! Exercise? me? ME? for anyone who knows me, I went to the gym for like 2 months, probably 14 times in my life.. I am not a gym bunny, maybe small workouts occasionally, at home, but I have 0 motivation! Whenever people compliment on my figure and ask how many times I work out, I feel bad, like I won’t look like this forever, so I should get moving! I know a few people whom want to train me, so I have to take up these opportunities! Focus on health should be priority in your life, a small change can make all the difference! One of my close friends Cassandra has the best diet I have EVER come across, so advice from her, me to you business, is there! 

3) Achieve work goals. I will not give up, no matter how difficult the day is, or how competitive a role is.. I must give it everything and not listen to the demons inside of me! At 22, not to boast, I was proud to list achievements most 22 years olds couldn’t, in terms of working in the media, in front of the camera and performace. Down to struggles, sacrifices and hard core passion, I was able to do it. It’s incredibly difficult, it’s not based on looks, even though some roles require a certain appearance, but the backbone you need to have and the passion- those are key elements! I’ve been rejected and will be rejected from roles, jobs, etc all the time, so I need to tell myself it’s not for me, something better will happen, at the right time. It’s easy to give up, when nothing is happening, but working towards achievements and achieving them is possibly the best feeling! I aim to acheive these work goals before I am 23- or at least be in a good position with it! Stay ambitious, the world is your oyster. 

4) Give time to myself now and then. It sounds a bit silly, but I rarely have “me time”, so I have organised some time once a week, even for an hour to set aside my phone, run a lush bath, or watch my favourite films, or paint, or get creative like make a scrapbook. I work a lot, schedule can be tight and hetic; this month I ony have 7 days between that, responding to emails, blog, make time for auditions, other work, friends etc. So, 30 mintues won’t harm me and will help elimate stress factor 100 marked on my face! To do this, I have layed out bath bombs, a book, scrapbook, face masks! 

Oh and start Youtube, travel more, read more and enjoy life more… few more to name. So those are my four simply achievable resolutions.. I’ll look back at this post at the end of 2016 and will report back at my findings, ha*, so here’s to an amazing year. VERY excited to see what’s around the corner… as I’m falling asleep on my mac after a long day, g’night take care, oh and put the vodka down if you’re still in the celebration mood.. *wink*

Remember, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, do you , focus on you and your happiness. 

      Too sassy for bullshit    *flicks hair and signs out*