#Collaboration Palmers skincare. #Gifted



 * given a box of all these goodies from the event!

 I use them all daily…. shh!

 Love this girl!

 Mmmmmm, all coconut theme!

My outfit!

It’s quite thick, you will have to rub it in a few times, but after, as you can see it leaves it looking healthy!

 Extremely thick, but has very soothing and soft feel!

Oil one is super gentle to the skin, you don’t feel grubby or oily at all! It works like a miracle for dry and sensitive skin!

 Hello everyone,

Damn, my life is extremely busy, to the point 3/4 hours sleep is now not a surprise and to be expected! Work life is crazy, going to events, seeing friends etc, you get it; I use my 24 hours wisely and pretty much work work work work work! -And some fun too, obviously.

But being out constantly, especially during this winter season, I mean, summer, you need to protect your skin. I am a huge believer that if you look after your body now, looking after your skin later on in life will not be a chore!

I have more than two drawers of lotions, moisturisers, oils, etc you name it to help my skin! Why? because I love skin/body/face products more than anything, a little bit more than makeup.. So I love to invest in my skin! I am obsessed with oiling and applying lotion to my skin every few hours or so and especially after my shower, I don’t feel complete without it!

I have had so many compliments about my skin for years on end, the secret? Look after it!

I have always been a huge firm fan of Palmers and was so excited to be invited to their event! I had a blast with Ana, (fadedspring) and able to take home a box full of new goodies! Needless to say, I had to try it on at the event. I love their fragrances and how your skin feels and looks beautiful after applying!

You can see from above, my skin looks amazing once I’ve applied these products; the product quickly sinks into your pores leaving it feeling super clean, soft and glowing! What a treat!


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