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Enjoyed the weekend? -Part 1 as this is a part 1 look for my lookbook coming soon..

Ok, so I’m about to go to bed and should probably, start packing for my week in Boardmasters festival! 😉 I’m away for 7 whole days and absolutely excited to be away from London!

So, I’m going to ramble on about disconnecting from the real world, be prepared for a long post- BUT it’s one I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while!

Disconnections build real connections. What a statement.. but it’s true..

We tend to forget that, as we are far too consumed by so much (mostly crap) information #trending on the internet from our apps, Instagram: (AKA 2nd version of Snapchat, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter etc etc…

It may be the most alarming word in our present time, because, most of the time, when think of disconnecting our hearts sink, thump as we aren’t part of the connection to the digital world and we have that FOMO emotion injected in..

The apps we use Daily have now suddenly become a definitive way we describe ourselves.. Let me give you an example..

“Hello, I am Felicia, 28 years old from miserable London, loves Zak Efron and chicken, works in the media & can take a banging #sexyselfie now and then…(!) with the hashtags #foodporn #pug #leaf

They have become how we see life, most importantly, (and sadly) ourselves, these crazy lenses through which we view the world, mostly filtered, the glasses that give us vision, the information that gives us purpose… But we when aren’t killing our hands by liking every damn thing, ‘scrolling’ through posts, finding that #perfectpartner for #relationshipgoals, the next trending #foodporn page… Honestly: Who are we? What are we? And HOW are we?

I certainly at times feel like my soul had been sucked from the digital world, don’t you? Sometimes I feel like oh I have to post again, maybe I should just update it, sometimes I don’t think I am even updating, until I look back and think what was the need to address this to the world?

Yes, I post on Instagram, Twitter and on my blog site.. but sometimes, I feel like just enjoying my whole life away from social media.. like the good old days?

Do you feel like this.. wandering in this digital life.. We’re not really lost though, are we? No apparent emergent cause for concern.. Right?

We’re happy, right? Disconnected from those connections that pull us to other people and to ourselves. We’re roaming in the air like a bird, breathing laughing, smiling, feeling etc; we are living.

And by disconnecting from this crazy digital world, we are actually connecting once more.. Which seems a tad weird to think deeply about it right?  Lets admit it’s too easy to be a part of the ‘squad’ when you’ve got loads of layers of technology to hide behind.. Still with me?

We do so much online.. and what’s funny is that we don’t know why.. I mean,we follow and look at what’s trending, because people tell us so, visit sites what are accustomed to, we even become so obsessed with what’s trending. We root for the underdog and like I said we don’t know why!

However, when we disconnect, chances are we are able to see what truly matters with a fresh set of eyes! No filters, no likes, no hashtags, no one to tell us what’s hot and what’s not, certainly no one to tell us what #lifegoals we should aim for! We are first to feel an enjoyable experience without extra emotions of baggage, etc jealousy, or insecurities..

Suddenly, we notice how silly and the digital world can be.. 200 likes? Well okay, thanks for telling me I am liked, but does it pay bills, does it really make us happy?

Are we scared that we can’t edit our real life?! Are we becoming scared because that ability to be unfiltered completely and real is something that often feels, well lets face it- hugely terrifying (for most of us)!!

Furthermore, at any time, we can delete that deep tweet, now able to edit a Facebook post, ignore a tinder date, and even delete a profile page.. Experiencing the actual real world in for sure doesn’t award you those same privileges to rewrite or edit.. but it does enable you to say how you truly feel, before the moment is truly gone.. To be able risk, feel and experience, they’re the true essence of life.. And without them, what are we?

Disconnecting: Able to decide for ourselves.. and actually enjoying life- who agrees?

In the moment thoughts. Crazy opinions. Emotions. Uncomplicated thinking.  Real feelings. Reactions.. They’re uncontrolled.. And when we’re not refreshing posted thoughts, we have the chance to decide how we want to feel and how we want to remember those moments. We aren’t just following the sheep anymore.., we aren’t planning a crazy ‘once in a lifetime’ trip because we know someone who knows someone who’s been there before.. We aren’t reading the latest girl on the train book just because a Facebook friend told us to read it…

We’re thinking for ourselves. Unquestioned, unorthodox thinking. We are breaking freee and soaring and flying (HSM quote) Experiencing for ourselves. Deciding.

Making real memories, not just commenting on them..

I spend a lot of time digging through old posts, past tweets from uni.. Sometimes, it’s because I’m nostalgic, sometimes it’s because I can’t believe anything will feel that fun again anytime soon.

But what are we doing when we’re not purging old posts, commenting on ancient memories? They’re still there, we know it- deep within our unconscious. Right?

And honestly, when we have the chance to feel more, to experience more, to laugh ’til our bellies hurt, to do something so embarrassing we know that five years from now we’ll be so glad we did. That’s something to aim for. Like last Friday, Adam, Lizzie,  Ana & I had a sober night out, had the -possibly- most emabarrasing moments of this year, but the most fun and it did hurt to laugh the next day! We weren’t on social media, we weren’t bothered about posting the whole night and best parts of social media.. and that’s ok. Who cares if people think we aren’t doing anything because we have not posted it.. I’m not trying to convince others I have a life at all!

Ok guys, long post- if you’re still with me *hugs*.. But lets be in the moment!?

Obviously, we can’t say that technology hurt us – because it doesn’t. In so many ways, technology brings us together. To be honest without it, I wouldn’t have gained the opportunities I have had and to be where I am today. It finds us something good, and brings the good, yet it brings us out into the light. But sometimes it gives us a dark hole to stay in..

Disconnecting draws us out. It reminds us that life- so much more is happening right here, right now. People are moving, kissing, eating, giggly, arguing, making up and making love, taking first breaths and leaving their last breath..

Taking a break, disconnecting it gives us an opportunity to remember why we’re here, what we’re staying for. It gives us purpose, gives us peace for once.. I almost try to spend less time online now, especially when I’m with loved once I’m away from my phone- it’s a rule!

Disconnecting gives us a reason to want to connect.

Have you tried to disconnect for a while? How does disconnecting from the digital world make YOU feel?

My photographer: Brother Adam.. check out his work over on ‘THEMODERNCITYMAN’ on Instagram!

Topshop: Dress

Miss Selfridges: Shoes

 Enjoy the simple things- stay disconnected.. You’ll notice how many hours are in the day and feel more confident and free..

 *I’m offline because of low battery* *joking* It’s good to switch the phone off

 Makes me happy to actually LIVE…


PS I’m away for a week, so keep track on Instagram & Twitter for my updates

PS x 2 thanks for the support and reading!



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