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Adam (my younger (21) year old brother)- I’m grateful our mother raised us up well; you don’t necessarily need a ‘father’ to do well in life or marked as a “complete family’ if you have one! ..We had no issues as children/teens/and now, as adults ..Honestly, there are way too many theories to count on the psychology of women & men who grow up without fathers..

It’s all bullshit really; hand on my heart, the absence of my father from age 11 was gain rather than a loss.. Harsh. Well the truth is I wouldn’t be where I am without my mother.. Everything I have achieved from a young age and where it’s all heading- that’s because of my mum..  People expect you to be broken but growing up around just intelligent strong successful women, I never felt like that.

So, the first guy I truly loved was my brother, we have always been super close and will always be..instead of my father.

So.. I thought, why not write down the benefits of dating a woman with a brother, or brothers. My brother, my number 1 love.. the one who will always stay true, loyal and there for me until the end- that’s for certain!

I am always eager and excited to inject more advice/long ass blog posts about real shit in life, not just, events, beauty, lifestyle, style, food etc.. because after all I love reading these types of posts. So why not include it into my own blog?

-You can learn from it,  you see life from another point of view and most importantly it’s different.. so expect future similar posts! I don’t want to see another CT lipstick post or what’s trending, or the hate about followers etc on blog post.. BORING!

Ok, don’t judge.. I know what you’re thinking and probably by the obvious title his may be a bit biased considering I only have a brother, but  honestly, that’s beside the whole point felicia… At age 23, I have roughly a good, well excellent 21 years of observation under my belt .. so that is a justified approach (right) and I’m practically a learned doctor on the subject… Soo enough talking lets begin! 😉

1) Understanding (than most)

This is sort of like someone who spends their time bird watching. If you make it a point to be around crazy birds throughout your life (why?) it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to have a clear understanding of how they work, their mannerisms, what makes them tick, when they’re being complete bullshit-liars, so on and so forth….

2) She’s Less High Maintenance!

Not having a sister to share makeup, cocktails, hair stuff, shoes, clothing etc with, lessens the pressure on a female to give a shit about such things. This isn’t to say that because she has brothers she doesn’t take care of herself, but it’s more of a one hour to get ready in the morning situation versus 3 hours, 2 outfit changes, and 5 lipstick options.. and delete the whole ‘who stole my dress’ drama..which I hear/see/have to witness from my girlfriends all the time..

3) She May Actually Give A Shit About Sports.. right?!

Having brothers who play sports means that she was forced by way of familial obligation to attend said sporting events, and thus developed an understanding and appreciation for how the game is played. riding a bike etc… My brother is very active, especially as a child.. So I was almost interested in most sports!

4) She’ll Definitely Get Along With Your Friends..

Similarly to her understanding boys/men/fboys – (remember that whole silly bird watching analogy?) she’ll be comfortable around them too. Unless you’re friends with complete assholes (which is a high *coughs* possibility, but lets be honest that’s your shit life decision); she’ll have absolutely no trouble getting along with them.. Trust me.

5) Good With Comeback (s)

With all of the torture her brother has put her through, she learned quite quickly how to be witty. I know this, because my brother ALWAYS blame me on his shit.. My comebacks are the best..

Go ahead and throw a sarcastic insult at her, she’ll throw one right back at you, quicker than you think! ..and the best part…it will most likely leave you speechless. We aren’t too sensitive. Nope-

Chances are we have quite the tongue and will take you shot for shot when it comes to sarcastic comments. We’ve been picked on, tackled, dared, and taunted to do weird and gross things. You won’t hurt our feelings with teasing; you might, I mean, will get called a little bitch fboy more than you are used to.. Our brothers didn’t treat us like delicate flowers, and we don’t want you to either (but he’ll still be respectful). A woman who has brothers will quickly learn the  twisted, gross, weird af humor guys have..

6) Tough Skin.

She has developed a tough skin.. and even if you can’t see it, it’s there..

At one point her annoying silly -were you born out of a tree bother has tried to embarrass her, (failed attempts too) insulted the crap out of her, and well most likely has attempted to sabotage a night out..

She’s not going to cry if someone calls her fat, (oh pleaseeee) and most importantly she’s not going to quit her job because someone tells her she sucks at it. BUHFELICIA-

Her brother’s immaturity/sick humour/annoying mindset, when she was younger has given her a thick skin, and it has helped her to be confident in who she truly is…

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Take care, *hugs*


Alright sugar daddy and blondie.. I know yall want attention but this is my spotlight lol…. LOL


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