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September 6, 2016XTINELOVES

Afternoon all,  10th September.

It’s over, summer that is.. Do you think I’m going to hide away those pretty little number one outfits, hell no sister! *sassy emoji*


Thank you to- hold up, *in David Attenborough’s deep sexy voice (did I say that), he’s pretty famous (online), he’s pretty good at what he does..(well, I’ll give him that)  *sacrasm needed*.. my brother: photographer for today

THEMODERNCITYMAN < follow him, yes, I’m that sister. (supportive sis points)

I’m so obsessed with everything I am working on right now. Obsessed. Yes.

Worrying about the past, present, or worst future? It’s over. 

No need to worry, work hard, do you, focus on you and you’ll see results. Caring about negative comments? It’s over. Negativity. It’s over. 

To be the best, you have to literally be the best version of you.. the beautiful one.

So everyone, this dress is beautiful and so are you! 

Believe it!

Take care beautiful people,

God bless


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