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Such an amazing drink


*My favourite one!

Hello everyone,

As most of you know, if you’re following over on LOVESXTINE (Instagram), I’ve been trying my best to stay on a healthy lifestyle, trying all kinds of new drinks and recently discovered veg water! Once you’ve lost weight, toned up, it’s so easy to let it all go, working hard on maintaining a balance diet is a great start! After my 30 day challenge, now on another 30 day challenge (secret one), I’ve listed all new food and drinks which I want to try and this was on the list! First of all, you need to focus on drinks, because as well as needing at least 2 litres of water a day, I feel new flavours for your buds are really important! Keep it exciting and new, right?

I’ve always been sceptical of new drinks, so I honestly had no idea if I would like it or not. After trying them all, I really love them! I think it’s refreshing (remember to keep it chilled), flavours aren’t so strong (which is very good) and it’s low in sugar!

List of favourites out of the three? Beetroot, cucumber then ginger!

“J.F. RABBIT… is the pioneering invention of veg water, blending recipes with his crazy contraptions”. http://www.jfrabbit.com/  Check them out, follow them on Instagram:


I seriously need an injection of more!

The taste is 10/10, the design too, it looks very stylish and it’s safe to say vegetables are what you need; so what better way to have it in a cool veg water drink!


Favourite drink from the package, thank you JF for collaborating! You guys are seriously cool, with a cool product! My mum even asked to have one, so after tasting ginger I gave her the rest, now she texted me for more! (haha)

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