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Party sexy outfit


“Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, we design and manufacture the majority of our limited-edition collections in our factory headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. All other garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners here in the U.S. or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. We source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments while incorporating better practices throughout our supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. It is our mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable..” I felt so sexy in this outfit. Damn. I feel in love with the BRIA DRESS, in Gold. I have never been a fan of a wrapped dress, especially the colour Gold, until I tried this on. It fits so perfectly for all body shapes, but, especially flattering for curves, it just enhances the curves in the right places! I wanted to take it home. I should have bought it. But, $248, roughly, if my maths is right around £200 for a dress.. It would have be for something very special, possibly for my 24th upcoming birthday? Maybe. What I also love about this dress is it’s at a mini length, along with long sleeves and a V neckline – my favourite types of dresses! What do you think?

Also, this is the coat you wear when you’re about to head out for a spontateous night out and want to keep super duper warm! It’s so sassy and sexy.. Duh.

I want both..

*thinking of food… how that meal was almost..sexual..*


Check them out over on: https://www.thereformation.com/


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