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Wow, what a week (!) I have been on a high and low roller coaster this week; especially last night.. As you guys know I was supposed to have a day off, then called to work as it was their launch night- it was SO fun!  ..and all I remember? Well laughing ’til I cried.. then actually crying about the past. The past can hit you hard, and until you’ve realised you have been so strong for so long you can’t go on without help, you turn to people.. That’s another story I shall blog about soon.. but for now, lets talk about food. Currently sat in costa drinking up my fudge drink, after a good catch up with my brother on his lunch break! He’s finally plucked up and I helped him get a 3 month job as a graphic designer in West London! (My photographer too) so yeah, right now I have mixed emotions.. Like I’ve promised I will blog most days, trying to figure how I’ll post everyday, but you know ‘yolo’…

Not sure who will read this, I will ramble and talk loads, just like in real life, so bare with me!

Food makes people happy (well most); I literally have an obese person inside of me, saying ‘I NEED another cake, or fruit pot or just food non stop’ and no.. I’m not pregnant guys, I just LOVE food that much! But, spanish food is one of the best! When I was in Spain for the week, I adored their dishes and made me think how much I love different types of food and culture as I was able to go into the restaurants and make my own spanish dishes! -Yes I’m a bit cheeky like that, I’ll go the extra mile to make my experience unforgettable!

A close friend, also a blogger Shante, whom passed away few months ago- I don’t even want it to sink in, but lets face it, she’s gone.. We would always suggest cool, trendy fun places to dine at together! She was like a food buddy, as well as a true genuine friend and we would always have our dates! Friends who go on dinner dates- I need more of that in my life!

I wish she was here in some ways so she could have experienced the fun I had at work last night; she’s been there as she knew about my past and how much it haunts me and upsets me. She was that ‘one in a million’ best friend!

So, anyways, we both loved food; 5* fine dined, to a cheeky chicken from camden. Food is a big part of my life, even though I have changed my diet (70%), I will always love venturing out to new places and let my taste buds try out the new flavours in life! She introduced me to this spanish tapas place, I mean I live close to Westfields, but never thought of dining around there. I mean, it’s just Westfields right?

SO, as you guys know I am a huge food lover; I need to update more on food to be honest (I guess I eat them before I have patience to photograph OOPS).. of course you do,too, – so one of my (new) favourite places is Tapas Revoultion in Shepherds bush, Westfields. I go there quite a lot shopping, window shopping and more ‘last minute shopping’ and hadn’t been there before only from this year, not sure why, but glad I went there as it as literally #instagramfoodworthy! Most recent was with my childhood friend Kerri, so she approved too..

This set menu was quite possibly the only set menu to flavour my taste buds and fufill my hunger in a tired state of mind… It looks so complicated, but you can ask for them to translate in English! Quite possibly a good price, especially if you share, which is £30 something, around £15 each.. not bad!? I love meat, fries and salad so that’s what we had!

A shopping centre might be the last place you’d expect to find a quick, genuine and decent tapas bar, everyone will have their own initial thoughts. Howeverm this one at Westfields has pulled off this surprising feat! I honestly thought it was just ‘another’ fast easy restaurant with poor quality, but it was far from that thought! It’s a great value and a young vibe make this the perfect spot for a recharge after the ‘shop til you drop’ day.

Furthermore, amidst the hustle, bustle, tussle of all the shopping, I felt so peckish and couldn’t wait 30 minutes for a mea, neither could I venture into boots for a meal day which would only leave me hungry afterwards! Honestly, I was really impressed by the standard of the food! the service was friendly and attentive and the whole vibe was 5*; I would definitely stop there again.

So with delicious tapas menus emerging all over the world everyday, it’s also important to ask, what makes good tapas?! I mean, a really good tapas?

The answer is in proof of the taste, fresh, seasonal, high quality ingredients; top quality ingredients cooked simply that truly makes a tapas bar! Staff are always smiling, super friendly which is always a bonus (so many miserable Londoners)

All in all, I can’t recommend this place enough. The only real downside is that I’ve just gone and made the obese Felicia inside of me hungry. Guess I’ll have to go back then.. Well I am literally in Westfields.. But leaving soon (wah!)

So, have a good day, appreciate having an easy life and always look out for others.. Maybe take someone out randomly if they’re having a shit day! Try some tapas?

Love you all,



*mouthwatering meat*

Tender, soft and leaves you wanting more..*

I am uploading all my content now as it got deleted because wordpress deleted it.. hence no comments (atm)*



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