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Hello beautiful people,

 ..baby got the money shot! I fell in love with this art wall. seriously love art!

 Off the shoulder love it, love it, luurv it!

 “stand there and smell the flowers”… ok, babe but they stink. ha

So my gorgeous bf and I ventured out to London on Monday and now he’s the ‘thebettercityman”, haha (reference) to my brother’s name “themoderncityman”;haha inside joke between me, my bf and brother Adam.. joking Adam, don’t hate us! Actually do- because you are a downgrade buddy.. #lol

Bf’s new hobby is now taking photos, being a ‘professional’ photographer haha, I am impressed.. and it takes a lot to impress me. I bet y’all thinking lucky totty, her boyfriend and brother taking blog pictures. Well, if one pisses me off, the other can take it haha.. Did I say that? *insert monkey emojis*..So he loves taking photos and they’re decent, (lets not boost his ego anymore), #sorrybae, and because they’re decent, they are acceptable to go on my page (ha). Brother and bf decided to text about a plan shoot day and I am not involved guys.. wait a minute, can’t not involve xtineloves. ha

I am venturing to new places, being more creative with my photos now and I love the feeling of new creative shots!

I love the fact he’s got such a creative flair for things like this, because being creative is almost a side which no one really wants to show these days. He took these shots, so thanks a million baby, love ya!

Moreover, I also love this dress! Forgot midi tight dresses, this one fits like a glove, but also allows room incase you decide on being peckish and going in on that buffet.. I do love dresses which can fit for all occasions, aka as I’m a lazy shopper; this is perfect for a night out and also chill out days! It’s so bloody warm too. I get cold easily, so I wore this with my coat and barely had my coat on! It’s a lil something for those windy days! Wear it with boots, or flats, or converses!

I am obsessed with reds, greens and navy this season!

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