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Hey everyone,

I know this time of the year is stressful for everyone.. Either you’re a student and it’s deadline week (I’ve been there, you wonder if student life is actually for you..) -deadlines/exams are coming up, or you’re working your ass off and trying to ready for christmas.. I know people who are in one boat or another or both – (I’ve been in both and made it out alive- 3 bottle of wine for that..)

So yes, Christmas/winter/just want to hibernate season time can be truly stressful.. You just want to cut out all the bullshit in life and just have alone time, right?

Regardless of what’s going on in life, even though this time is about giving, loving, other people- sometimes, you need to be selfish and think of you.. Yes you.

Whenever people ask me “what are you up to”.. I have always replied with “busy”, because I am actually busy. Busy with work, promotions, shoots, on set, blog work, PR work, presenting, you name it. Every week is different. I get paid for it. I am self employed and choose how much work I take on, normally more than I should..

For example, I had my birthday night, amazing, hilarious, good times blah blah-   On 3 hours sleep, working 11 half hours, then another 11 half hours the next day. During those times, on my break, /on tube writing up reviews for PRs, deadlines etc. It’s all good making money all the time at 23, and being busy, but despite what age you’re at, how busy you are, you need to give yourself time to switch off.. completely. Some days I feel completely dead. Some days you want others to actually look after you!

So, as I was kindly invited to Spa Experience in Kensington, for their launch event, I had been given a complimentary spa experience gift to use.. (sometimes, I get lucky now and then..)

This was back in June. I know, anyone with a spa experience gift would use it immediately, me, on the other hand had a smart idea and decided to use it towards end of the year, when I would be emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally dead.. aka, exhausted aka I want to eat everything and hide under the sheets not listening to shit overplayed xmas songs but some good comedy and a massage.. (not a scrooge but ya know sometimes its too much..) ha.

I knew I would need it the most during this time of year and at a day/time no one would be at the spa. Because, well, sometimes, you don’t want to be around anyone. Said it.

So, randomly went on a Wednesday (first full day off in 12 days), around 2pm. It was random. Dead quiet. Pure bliss. No bullshit: phone off, nothing to worry about, just me enjoying a rare experience: me time.

I was in heaven.

Firstly on arrival you are given bag, which contains slippers, a huge robe, two towels and an access pass for the spa! The changing rooms are pretty huge- one for females and males and plenty of space for your bags!

After filling out a form- which you must complete before proceeding, it’s to do with your health and you must sign!

At first I had the chocolate scrub; utterly crazy at the chocolate scrub, it smelt glorious.. Warm and the scrub itself felt so good!

I actually asked if it was edible, and the masseuse laughed with a no. Sad times.

But, nevertheless, good times, at the fact it was actually one of the best experiences I had; I was also naked, best times usually occur then (ha).

I had a choice, don’t get me wrong, but it felt liberating.. I had a woman massaging my body, I wouldn’t do it otherwise..

I actually felt really comfortable and the lady was so friendly and very professional so it wasn’t an awkward experience at all! Also, thank god I wasn’t a #hairymary at the time! (ha)

I felt super comfortable, 100% relaxed, the scrub wasn’t too hard, it’s really good for your skin, so a scrub every few months can help circulation and to remove all dead skin!

The results surprised me.. I felt 1000% clean, skin was silky, smelt gorgeous and you feel like you want to sleep after- the best feeling!

After the scrub, it’s shower, then, pop back to relax with the oil massage..

You feel like you’re in heaven, nothing else matters than whats’s going on , no worries and the stress you had before entering the building is taken away and replaced with an injection of thoughts of pure bliss while simultaneously listening to sea/whale/cute birds singing music…

It’s a full body massage, so everywhere except you’re private areas- so if you feel comfortable with this then by all means go ahead!

After this insanely beautiful experience, which I cannot put into words, because words are just simply not enough for you to capture this inside your head, (it’s that good) I then proceeded to the spa. No one was in the spa. I actually squealed (like a girl on christmas day), because when do you ever go to a spa where no one is around?! (extremely rare (!)

This made the experience more enjoyable, as it was quiet! So I’d highly recommend you going on a weekday just after lunch! Jacuzzi hot tub was great, although it is small, I ended up flicking in and out for about 2 half hours, to the sauna and back! After 30 minutes or so some people were in, so around 5 people seemed a bit too much in one confined space! That was the only downfall!

The sauna was extremely hot, so I literally spent around 3 min per session, I wasn’t able to time as my Iphone notified me with Iphone needs to cool down before using! You are able to wear shorts or bikinis throughout the entire experience and able to also choose to cover yourself with a towel/ robe!

The whole area is spacious, so at anytime it’s busy, you can just go to the lounge and the private lounge for some drinks & fruit!

The prices are affordable and definitely worth it! I cannot express how much I needed it and I am guessing for most people you need to go! You’ll feel a million times better about yourself, your mind body and soul with thank you for replenishing it with goodness and back to a relaxed and clear mind- perfect!

I do believe they have offers on right now, so to check go here now,:

http://www.spaexperience.org.uk/spa-treatments  *

I had mine at Kensington! There are other locations situated in London, so double check to see what’s available near you!

Thanks again to Spa Experience for this opportunity! •



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P.S I’ll try to edit the vlog this week!


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