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Hey friends,

Another product I swear by and can’t live without..

As can you can tell I love skin care products, actually another skin product review, I amobsessed with them; I probably have far too many skin products for a 24 year old! But, from the compliments I receive about my skin, it’s not a bad thing..

I totally fell head over heels for this ‘glowtion’ from Pixi by Petra when I was invited to their event at Carnaby street, around 5/6 months ago?! Since then I have been using this about 2/3 times a week.. So it’s safe to say I can write a full review, for you

First and foremost, it costs £24.00, it’s a light, fragranced illuminating perfecter, Pixi’s Glowtion Day Dew is the ultimate everyday treat for lacklustre complexions..

It’s ver hydrating, you won’t need any other face product after applying this- It’s nourishing! As you can tell from the last selfie- it’s very ideal for dull, dehydrated and mixed complexions..

What can it do for your face:

Give you that natural glow- if you look after you skin, all you’ll need is this for your face- no foundation needed!

First, I use it in the morning after cleansing and toning my skin.. I use a tiny squirt, a little bit more than a pea size for my face. Then, I carefully dab some just under my designer eye bags and nose. From my nose I move the lotion upwards, towards the forehead; this upward movement from the nose will push up the wrinkles you have on your forehead and moisture it in better. I then sweep the small sections on my cheeks away towards my hair, moving the face onwards, always do this technique to keep your skin looking tight and it’ll iron out any swollen pores and wrinkles. This is the technique I go for with my fingers, to achieve a younger looking face. It’s all about the right product and the way you conduct face movements and massages on the face.

Thank me in 10 years time! Haha

This illuminating moisturizer is amazing, not just for results, but because that it’s not only a light texture, but very hydrating, it eliminates imperfections to achieve a envious radiance. It smells like fresh bed sheets, which is attractive to me, however, it’s not overwhelming. It’s compact so you can fit it in your bag!

Is it worth the money? Definitely, after this gift, I’ll certainly buy it! No doubt!

 Me completely bared face.. I know felicia, good skin or what. I will share my tips with you very soon.. so stay updated!

 Always something on my face..

 Ta- da!

As you can tell, great camera shot, ha, I mean, the glowtion is genuis. Makes me look a lot more healthier and ready to be sassy!

Try yours in store!

What do you guys think? What have you been using on your face recently?

Love lots, like jelly tots. Thanks for reading.. more to come soon..

Have a lovely weekend- XTINE


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