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See the dress I love here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKz3UXLjYZR/?hl=en&taken-by=lovesxtine

*SILK by Meena, was created by the entrepreneur Meena Chhokar. Meena wanted to create luxury dresses and jewellery which screams VIP, for everyone to turn heads and be dazzled at what’s been witnessed right in front of them! It’s a one of a kind collection!

In addition, you can immediately tell that details have been carefully thought about, these dresses are what you would see on a red carpet!

When I first laid my eyes on a pink dress from The Wedding Show, it was, without doubt, it was love at first sight. I tried it on and seriously wished I had an exciting special occasion coming up! It did fit like a glove and I honestly wanted to wear it for the rest of the day. You feel like a total princess and that’s what it’s all about, feeling happy with your purchase and feeling like royalty.

What’s different from others?

Silk will always go the extra mile to ensure clients are happy, which is the main goal, happy with the personal service from the word go, to assisting valuable advice on their chosen outfit/s. You may end up buying more than your initial dress you’ve seen online and most likely fall in love with more than a couple!

If you’re looking for stylish, luxury dresses with a fusion of eastern and westerns styles then look no further, literally don’t. After checking out the dresses on this website, you’re bound to fall in love. You’ll want to try a dress on and walk away with it! You’ll friends will be amazed at your purchase and they’ll want one too. Theses dresses have been featured in hello magazine For colours and size, style change is kept to a minimum, as sleeves on or off/ more or less embroidery work.

Where in the UK is it based?

Silk is based in Reading and highly renowned for their excellent customer service and can always recommend excellent tailor services. So if you have any burning questions, feel free to ask!

Whats the price range:

Ranges around £129-550

These unique styles and designs cater for all types of special occasions, for example prom! Prom is around the corner so why not give Silk a look, shhh don’t tell your friends just yet!

For my prom, which seems like a million years ago, I wore a baby blue prom dress! I knew what colour, style and length I wanted straight away. But, if you don’t have a clue, don’t stress. Just simply get in touch and SILK can help you with may different options. You deserve to have THE dress which will turn heads!

Below, are the gorgeous dresses from:


I have added items from the jewellery selection under a few of the dresses; which items I personally feel will suit to the dress.. If you want to see more of the collection, don’t hesitate, check out the site today! Lastly, additional costs for custom made dresses.

New pieces are being shown at the exhibition, so check it out! at Prom Fair tomorrow! Check the instagram page for more details

https://twitter.com/silkbymeena Tweet your favourite dress!


*Thoughts are my own, jewellery matched with dresses based on my own style, you can mix and match as you wish*

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