Hi friends,




Hi friends,

How are you all?

I had my hair done by the famous Revlon hairdressers- if you hadn’t of noticed.. *No way XTINE.. * (haha)

Who doesn’t love big busty bold.. (insert points for alliteration).. Hollywood hair?! *both my hands go up in air*.. Well, I do. I have fallen back in love with the whole desired look. It’s sexy, brings out your face.. and as I have been told by a few aquanitices, “makes you look like a totally different person”.. Crazy how hair can transform a person right? *Shit, tolit*…

I don’t know about you, but for me personally, it’s incredibly hard to find decent products which give that body to hair, let alone attain other incredible points, such as repair for dry and damaged hair, heat protection and silkiness..

That’s why in my next post I’ll talk about the Revlon Uniq One -all in one- product which is a hair treatment, which they have used to achieve this look on me. It has up to 10 real benefit points; keep an eye out for next Thursday!

Come live with me Revlon hairdressers? I’ll pay you to do my hair..everyday seriously. Ok, don’t hold me to it, but, I am in dream land.. (right now) and would love a personal hairdresser.

So yes, in my next post (next week) I shall fully review this product which is all hyped up and see what’s the good fuss about?!

I have a couple of other hair products to review.. so next week will feature heavily a lot on hair. It’s coming from someone who literally has the worst hair in the world, the condition isn’t at it’s best, although it had been a lot worse 6 half months ago, I want to see changes.

That’s why I am trying all the brand spanking new products which I have been kindly given*. Which hair products are you using right now? I would love to know which ones work for you!


P.S thank you to my good friend Viele for taking his evening to snap me up on his day off- much appreciated dude! Oh, why hadn’t you notified me before you were good at taking photos?! And thanks for helping me Vlog! We met 4 years ago on Ellie Goulding’s music video shoot and never did I ever imagine he was 5* at taking photos! Good times.. with hidden talents haha

Love you all!!


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