Hi everyone!! One of my new favourite places in Shoreditch;

Friendship goals- Thanks Andreas for giving me “THE light” for this shot- not that it was not obvious or anything dude. My brother had his too, so both lights shining on me during this mini impromptu shoot. I know the audience thought I was probably a right loser, but oh well, improve the lighting then babes! (ha)

Me, (trying) to look cute while purposely not touching the Moroccan tea, as it was boiling hot, but after the simmer, it was pure, well tea.

Thank you to the moderncityman for these photos and the drink one from Andrea!



Dextox me outside, how ’bout that!

Forge and Co is situation right next to the box, which is round the corner from Shoreditch high street! It’s a modern stylish cafe/restaurant with an endearing open plan space to also just chill and do your work. It felt in between a university lounge area and Starbucks. It was completely chilled, so quiet and yet had that ‘chilled ‘af’ laid back vibe. The atmosphere was amazing and the staff were very attentive!

I’ve been here quite a bit, well, whenever I am around Shoreditch, for sure I’ll come again.

The detox drink had apple, cucumber and mint; the drink taste itself was incredible and it’s obviously pure and good for you so why not! I could, without hesitation have 5 on the go!

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