Evening friends,

How are you? I hope you’ve had an amazing week, or at least an amazing Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend?

I was invited to the MAKEUPPLUS App event, Brewer Street, 3 minutes from Piccadilly Circus. I invited along with me my friend Stuart, who’s over on talent dance TV (I presented and will present on his channel for future interviews) check him out; he came along to essentially hang out with me and help with filming! But, unfortunately and annoyingly, the camera’s battery was on and off so we couldn’t film much at all (1st disappointment) but however, I got a lot of crazy small snips of this event!

What’s makeup plus?

It’s basically a beautify app- you can pick your shade of makeup, anything from foundation, to lipstick, even to the choice of eyebrows! Pretty easy to use, quite addictive and definitely one to use next time you snap up a selfie! I was highly impressed with the outcome, mine looked like someone had done my makeup and was not too filter/cartnoon-ish! I was able to change my eye colour too, which is a bonus. Who wouldn’t want a clear insight to what a completely different look would be like in under 5 minutes?! It’s worth downloading and I am not just saying that. I am quite picky with apps myself but this proved to be worthy! I adore the lip choices and it just makes me want to buy more lipsticks (ahah)

It’s possibly great to for those who want to catfish.. their friends that is.. snap your original picture and transform into seconds. You and your friends will be amazed! Imagine a mini makeover in seconds, but just in a few clicks!

I adored the whole concept of the venue: area to chill/talk- so necessary as I feel most places are way too noisy in London and not very relaxed! But here, you are able to chill out, eat, chat and just relax! This is situated on the first floor!

Second floor (downstairs) you can experience the, vavavoom, my word, my crazy word for this section.. Hair amazing in minutes? You’re covered Felicia. Face looking basic? You can get your quick fix by the down to earth talented makeup artists! They have so much makeup, you can literally get any type of style. The makeup artist and I (from clinique) thought a bright, aqua mixed with some sassy shimmer should be the attraction on my face- so we went there. Along with a cat attack sexy felicia flick. I felt like I was red carpet ready- I mean I was, but unfortunately I am not due on the red carpet tonight, bed calls.

Nails- superb. done in less than 10 mintues- done by perfection, glossed (obviously) and they’re so smooth! 5* for nails and makeup! Next time, I’ll opt for the big hair, don’t care look! Keep an eye for that -I am simply in love with big curly hair!

You almost feel like you’ve made friends in this place, they’re so warm, talk and laugh about anything and their vibes made the whole experience fun and unforgettable. I had so much fun today: nails and makeup done! Stuffed my face with some popcorn chips (had to be done) and some of their juicy melon drinks!

Their lights (soho lights) are simply, incredibly instagrammable and I wanted to take them home. If I remember correctly, (lol at me) asking about 4/5 times how much were each pieces and considering if I could buy them there and there. I know, no shame. Ha, but their so homeware needed in you life asap pieces. I just love lights in my room, colour (as I have white walls/bed/desk) so around me I need interior design like these rooms!

I blogged- and vlogged- I shall edit everything next week. I have so much footage guys! You’ll love it and my crazy side- which some of you know of and some of you don’t.. So be prepared!

MAKEUPPLUS (download free) check them here too: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meitu.makeup&hl=en_GB


Talk tomorrow? I’ve go such an amazing day ahead- pamper, completely and food review at a new restaurant with my two fav girls! and going out?! So hell yeah to Saturday! Might pop here for hair done. Who’s coming to makeup plus event?! Let me know and your thoughts.

Stay sassy,


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