Power of a smile!

Can I quickly say, without being a total cringe bag, pass sick bag now; Thank you, thank you, for all the sweet previous messages about my mental health post. I am not embarrased, worried, or anything on the subject of it.

If anything I feel free. I feel like my readers who’s been with me since 2012, or yesterday or 2 hours ago, needed to know a little more about what’s going on. Because I have mentioned a few bits here and there, it was all slighty unambiguous.

I wanted to help someone, actually, surprising, it had helped a lot of people. The amount of emails, instagram messages, comments, made me smile. Because just by me opening up, helped other open up, all wanted the same result: to be inspired and helped. Who can say they’ve inspired so many people, help people, by their story alone? It’s made me smile because that’s all I want to do inpsire help and of course by my instagram stories I want to make others laugh (too). You guys are amazing.

So, automatically, I needed to post something, well, with real connective substance (again), instead of airy fairy posts. It’s more me. Once in a while, a light hearted post, but I love these lengthy, educate, inspirational posts. It’s what I read, daily.

Give thanks (only picked a handful)

“..you are bang on the money about mental health, it is overlooked, your post was powerful, brave and most of all authentic; which resonated with me and I would think others as well..” @storymakingsimon This made me smile consistenly, I have taken your words in, made me tear a little, this is such a sweet message. THANK YOU

“..continue inspiring people..” @jollyswagmanbackpackers  That’s the real reason behind the blog, inspire. Whether it is through a dark story, funny, cool, or just a plain jane story.  Inspiring for you!

“…Mental health, especially in women, is often overlooked.. thanks for bringing awareness..”  @rachaelmusser I feel women are looked down for mental health issues… I want this to be a consistent awareness.

“..glad you speaking about it..” @bestofthislife I appreciate it, I am glad I finally came out to mention it and speak up. I believe everyone should, not in detail, but just the basis. It will help someone out there.

“Love the outfit, always so classy..” THE PHOTOGRAPHER, my brother, adam @themoderncity  Always so lovely and I didnt even tell him to comment (he rarely does)

“Thank you for bringing attention to this issue..” @wombandi Always a pleasure. I will continue. Trust me.

“Great message, and you rock your outfit girl!” @anna_s_world Thank you and thanks- just random pieces from different stores- I mostly wear black, so why not! Ha

“It’s good to know someone is spreading awareness on mental health..” @hansel_himself I want to do everything I can to spread the word & help people. To be honest, I want to be the one people can turn to when they’re down. I want to help.

“I admire a woman who can walk in heels like that..” @rhondasamuelsphotography..” < I can’t really, if I am totally honest.. R, but this made me smile because (fun fact) I lost one shoe when we left the location, my brother, as always, amazing- went looking for it!

So.. back to the post- The power of a smile. Understand this carefully and it will all make sense; when you smile, a genuine one that is, you look good and feel so good. How prepossessing! Right? Therefore, when others see that “oh damn smile”, they immediately smile too. It’s infectious, when people smile, they look good and feel good, too- without doubt. It can be cheesy. But we all love a bit of cheese.

Secondly, when others see that “oh damn smile”, they instantly smile too. It’s infectious. It changes mood and vibes.. When people smile, they look good and feel good, too- without doubt. I prefer people when they smile. Previously online, I matched up with people who smile, if no smile pictures, they I don’t really want to know. Even if you hate to smile, then you should still upload a smile one, it shows a happy person, confident, genuine, good mood & vibes and that’s what everyone wants in their life a happy smiley person!

1. You instantly appear (way more) attractive…

We all want to *appear* attractive, right? *what ya trying to say bitch*, don’t lie. We all do- normally without a (high) price. Smile! It’s free, it’s simple and research, tonnes of pages of research have proven that we find people attractive when they do smile. I mean, who wants to see a bitch face- no one! Someone with a bitch face isn’t attractive- someone with a smile, no matter if you think they are the generalisation of “attractive” is attractive with a smile regardless. You feel instantly better with a smile! Look at yourself before and after a smile- small changes can lead to something big!

“the expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.” – Dale Carnegie

It’s contagious.

2. Better so solid (crew) relationships…

A smile in any kind of relationship is so warming. For me, today my friend said you smiling makes me smile.. cringe at times, yes, but ultimately made both of us feel good. Strong bonds are based on making each other feel happy. A smile can speak a thousands words, makes one feel so secure, happy, confident and most of all accepted. I urge everyone to only hang out with those who make an effort to smile, even if they are going through a lot! Happy person- human emotion magnet- You smile when you’re happy, so smile more, to appear happy, even if you’re not entirely. Your brain will normally think you are happy, so moods change, people’s moods around you change. Winner winner chicken nando’s dinner!

3. Enhance better business deals:

The first aspect of yourself people see is your smile, despite what anyone says. Body language is a huge deal when it comes down to business. Someone who smiles, is enthusiastic, for whatever their business is, is going to be far more successful than the average person who looks bored, negative and rubs off an unattractive vibe.  For me, personally, I’ve had to learn very quickly in business, a smile goes a long way. Actually makes things a lot easier. I wish I had known about a smile in business. I smiled constantly, because genuinely, i have been happy this week and forced myself to change my mindset. My business side of life? Was so easy, I mean, I didn’t even have to talk, a smile was the door to my success. It was an eye opener for me. I had a lot of feedback saying I had an amazing smile, lips and teeth. I never looked at myself in that way before.


Dare you to watch this:

TED- I am serecetly a huge geek, I practically have watched majority of Ted videos, so I urge you to watch one- open your mind.. Hope you smile tomorrow lovely.

“It’s no secret that happier people tend to be healthier”.



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