Hello beautiful people,

How are you?! *kiss emoji*

I can not believe it’s my birthday and christmas month -eeek, so so excited! I love it when the new year is about to start, I will definately have a fresh start! *smiley winky emoji* hehe..

Raise your hand (teachers voice), if you purchased an item (s) on black friday, anyone? *raises both hands*..I couldn’t help but turn my mac on at precisely 1:00am.. to rumage through the sales online… I’m not a huge online shopping gal, I love to insert (a lot) of items in the basket, but it’s always at a ridiculous price outcome, so I normally just look and wish.. I love a sale; I have always loved a good sale espeically when it comes down to clothes.. but this time around, I wanted some accessories.. date nights, out with friends and out after work, I thought I needed a new brighter (sexy) look, just because. A new staple peice can literally, lifit your mood up! Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself, it’s rare for me to go out and buy new clothes, accesories etc, if anything its food.. half of this year was literally where my money went.. trying to spend a little more on appearance now its great!

Black attack is what my wardrobe should be called right now, or ‘How many funerals have you been to’, so I thought no more black items. I opted for the white snake skin bag, a new iphone 5s case and a small tiny bag, for those days where you don’t need anything to bring with you.. This is a (baby) first step to preventing my worry trait inside of me from bringing along my whole house.. for anyone that knows me I literally bring everything, sometimes spare clothes, tissues, more makeup, more tissues and hand sanitizer.. even straws.. who brings straws? exactly, too many unnecessary items.. so smaller bags = less crap to tag with me!

One reason I have fallen for skinny dip is because their funky designs remind me of being creative, art classes, childhood ( I guess) and just feeling like a teenage princess again (was I ever one, no) so I always feel super girly! I am far from it though. It oozes out (ohh, love that word) personality, brags on about amazing prints which people can envy from a first glance and it’s not a serious brand at all. It can take the mick out of everything, from you, boys, etc. I feel like this brand is a little (guitly) pleasure of mine.. I prehaps knew when I clicked on (all) the items online my collection would grow enormously overnight.. I have 4 items already.. probably 10 by end of next month.. From unicorns, to glitter, to weird crazy fun loving designs for your bags, accessories and phone, you name it -you can find it here! Honestly, who knew xtineloves would be head over heels to love a clutch bag that looks like a glittery piece of my morning bacon?

My wishlist! Check it out:

Its range is innovative, which is another reason I love it so much! I am a (huge) emoji fan, I know at age 22, I shouldn’t admit things like this, actually, not sorry, but I do love a tongue a cheek overall look..   And now is time to think of how I will style my purchases…?

Current wishlist… are the bags, of course!


 The free bang bang sticker reminds me of Arianna’s new… bang bang into this room, you know I got it, bang bang into this room, you know who bought this… me. My present to myself.. think of it as an early xmas/xtines birthday present..

If anyone is thinking of buying me a xmas/xtine bday present.. *hint hint* *points at wishlist in awe*… thanks!

 I love this navy colour, a pop of bold colours in your wardrobe can be a staple piece for you #ootd (outfit of the day)….

 Enough for your card, keys and phone! Oh and that mac lippy!

I have never been a huge fan of white, the last time I had one was possibly around prom-high school time.. that was a clutch bag.. so it’s been a while! It looks fresh, clean, and goes well with anything.. so, this is a little (crazy) daring phase I am going through.. as it can easily get dirty! Moreover, it looks incredibly so precious on outfits…

The tiny bag is perfect for date night, great as I bring so much with me; also out with some friends next friday.. so.. hm, possibly time to start bringing a couple of things with me into central!

I bought the skinny dip lips in Topshop while back (two months ago) I talk A LOT, and I’m quite loud this goes well with my personality!

The lilac phone case was bought in the black friday sale (oh yes) I love milkshakes and purple, so this goes well with what I am loving right now.. I always thought how silly would that look against my cheek when I am on the phone, but its very soft and looks flippin’ amazing. So life is too short to have a boring phone case.. seriously. yolo, and that guys, yolo… (im cringy I know)

Well that’s it from me you lovely human being.. catch you later…

Loads to blog about.. so keep your snifty eye out and do be dazzled by the latest pictures I will upload.. camera died on us, technical issues, so its all done by my phone and little time I have!

Must go as I have work in the morning, take care, enjoy your weekend! Need to cheer myself up tomorrow, so after work I will have a bath with my lush bombs!

Take care:



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