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How are you?! Brrr, it is a bit chilly out there now isn’t it, (well yeah), it’s England, but winter is definately approaching..  Autumnal colours come out, blogger style #fblogger.. aka, #styleblogger..

I’m so in love with the autum shades, I already have a few more style posts to come along.. Oh, I had mentioned I will post at least ONE style post.. I’m two days early (wahey!) I’m actually wanting Winter to come this year!

Have you updated your autumn/winter wardrobe yet? I thought, why not have a post about black outfits, how to dress it up/down? So I’ll give an example, of one I am currentlyloving..

I do have a lot of black dresses, I have to admit, I don’t care what anyone says, not in an obnoxious way, I do buy a lot of a black so I will always continue to indulge my funeral attire collection with a lot of pride. I think all women should be! Best colour for investiment picks, (right) that specific timeless smart black coat, everyone has heard the LBD pick, that, the work/party/”I’m the boss” shoes, it can make you feel sexy, edgy, mysterious (ohh) and always classy!

So, Coco Chanel, for sure one of my top style icons, certainly said it best way: Quote: “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. …beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony”. Totally agree there, 100%

Black goes with everything, we all know that, sometimes can look as if I’m off to a funeral, but hey ho it’s

classy and chic; black is slimming too.. Suited best for all black looks good on all skin tone colours, hair colours too; black will always have the *emoji thumbs up* up thumb sign on everyone’s face. For work, it’s the ultimate code which can make buying and getting dressed in the morning 10 times better. However, it can be mistaken as boring, dead boring, just one- dimensional, yes we get it plain as jane. So.. here are a few tips to keep in mind to steer clear of those dead thoughts..

How to: Wear black

TOP// (From blog event last year, kindly gifted to me)


Jazz it up. How?

1) Find items which include a bit of colour.. it can always add up spice to your outfit! I love the gold rim around the top section, embedded in. It’s all about textures and playing around with styles.

2) You can always add a gold necklace, if you wish.

3) Or a scarf? Or, add another layered top.

Trousers// ASOS (Sometime earlier this year..)

Look out for:

1) Zips, buttons, simple but eye-catching details on the trousers; you can try out different styled trousers.

2) A belt can jazz it up into a different style immediately. A bold colour, say purple, or gold.

I love this top, it’s so effortless, classy and comfortable. I can easily change it up, for a going out (party) outfit by changing the top and adding silver heels, or a jumper with autumn high boots.

Talking about footwear..

Heels// H&M (Obsessed)

Make sure you think about footwear, it can change your whole outfit, especially when you wear black as it is so versatile!
Wanting to go glam?

1) Heels can make a huge difference, even if they are black. Instant lift, instantly can make you look taller (back straight so you look confident- all about body language 😉

2) For a more down to earth chilled look; you can always go for the chelsea boots, if you wish- This is for a chilled out high street look..

3) Lastle, or, the obvious, ballerina pumps. You can always mix with colours, I would say navy and brown shades are good, ideally for a classy/classic look.. other colours, are more playful, which can scream party/glam.


​I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know how you dress up a black outfit?!

Honestly, I don’t ever dress for anyone but myself, I mean, really, how does the way I dress, affect a person in any shape , form or aspect of thier life. I like dressing up, dressing down.. People will always have their thoughts..

Do you like the outfit? Lets chat @workxtine

Keep an eye out for some beauty/food/lifestyle posts… I’m working on some interesting post worthy posts for you all.. if I do say so myself!

I hope you’ve had a good Monday.. don’t worry it’s over, so enjoy your week!

Love my readers



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