We all know about the ‘creative mind’, but did you know the creative mind has been valued and highly appreciated for centuries. Without creative minds, the world would not be the same. Take Leonardo Da Vinci, the classic, who represents an era that emphasized the essence of beauty manifested through the beautiful art. Also, how can we forget Walt Disney, who created an alternative reality that promoted a wirl wind imagination and curiosity. In this day and age, where the creative mind is more than powerful, it is just so impossible not to acknowledge that some people leave permanent marks on the world. And we are thankful for that!

So..what’s the secret? Do the creative minds have special mechanisms that distinguish them from society’s normality?!

They put pieces together which manages to melt out heart and leave a memory in our life.

We all know that without creative minds, you would be lost with your Instagram photos, selfies for whatever you please, uploading silly videos which you will regret and then there is Facebook, for all your updates for a sense of instant affirmation from your “friends,”.

We need to realise and know that every genuis and their respeceted successors faced adversity. With this journery is a umber of undesired difficulties and hardships along the way. That is life..

So if you know by know that this success you want so bad won’t transpire over night. Your big break may not even happen until you’re halfway through your life.

Every single individual in this world has the ability to achieve greatness in whatever they desire to do.

We all have the creativity, intelligence and capability. The one thing that seperates us all is that some have the ability to be is patient. Patience is the secret to success at every single level…

Leonardo Da Vinci took 16 years to create his first masterpiece. Stephen King wrote for 19 years before his first book got published. People think success is instant. It’s not.

It is so easy to leave behind your creativity, your passions and your lifelong dreams. Preserve your creativity.

Do not expect everything to happen all at once.

Our most valuable asset is time and just because you don’t see instant results doesn’t mean you won’t move forward at all..

So just breathe in and out, work and be patient. Things will come together; you’re a creative mind, too.



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