Hello beautiful people,

I had a tough week to be honest and literally can not wait for Monday to start; I keep telling myself it’s a bad day/week not a bad life! I also worked this weekend which was cool but I honestly needed time to myself and sleep! Anyways, enough rambling on How was your week?

So during this crazy week of mine, I decided to take myself clothes shopping (which I rarely have time for) because I was in need of a few bits and had my eye on some spring clothes!

The changing rooms.. mirrors can either have a way of turning you into someone else- a lot “bigger” or “thinner”, or just mixed your top half to your botton (so unrealistic you wonder if the clothing actually looks good…) , where drama can start, the sheer look of embarassment when someone else is wearing the EXACT piece of clothing as you -b-shh..

I felt like sharing this so I’ll go on to proceed… I saw this woman, with a hourglass figure checking out every angle in the mirror and then another one came over and said to the hourglass beautiful woman someone of that size should not wear that.. my face response to this remark I heard > (?!?!?!) Without hesitation, she replied that real women have curves…

WOW.. erm  So did we jump back to high school just now? I felt bad for the woman who just wanted to try on the dress; to be honest here, there was NO reason to start drama about her size.. It’s just pathetic and wrong.. The comment which actually got to me was that “real women have __ < insert a quality > as a definite image of beauty”.

Believe it, or not..It can honestly put other women down if they do not have that particular quality, deeming them as a less attractive version of what beauty is all about..  This to me, seems absolutely crazy.

I am pretty sure you guys have heard these statements before:

-If mean wanted fat, they would order a steak

-Real women have curves, so if they wanted bones they would get a dog.

Wow, for real?? ..really. We are all that insecure with ourselves that we are literally going along the lines of comparing voluptuous women with a piece of steak and thinner girls with a dog. Oh, society. How is this even acceptable? How..

In a way, I totally understand. Lines like this come from a place of insecurity – You know, that crazy feeling that we’re not good enough in our own skin to be considered “attractive” or “beautiful”, and the only way to achieve feeling good about ourselves AND to be seen by others as beautiful is to put down everyone else.. ‘sighs’ The woman in the fitting room used this line as a quick defence to take herself from a position of weakness- yes weaknesss to a position of strength. Honestly, I’m not going to pretend I have not said anything of such… I am so ashamed to say I’ve been guilty of using the old “real women have curves” line. I guess I was insecure about my size at the time because my curves were just a bit bigger than what I am now.. and in a room full of thin women- I’m talking size 6 here, I felt like my curves stuck out so bad, especially with a curvy ass and size D boobs.. SO using a degrading line like that was a little way to make myself feel superior and basically to ultimately trick myself into thinking that I wasn’t feeling threatened or insecure. I NEVER said it aloud to anyone- I’m not that person- just only only ever in my head – but it still made me feel guilty.

To me it doesnt make sense at all, if you do resort to putting other women down you to make yourself feel a lot better and I guess superior you achieve the opposite effect. It makes YOU look so insecure and very bitchy which is not a good look at all- who wants to be known as the bitch who feels the need to put down others because she is insecure… it’s not attractive trust me! So enough of these silly nonesene statements as there is no wrong to have a body at all. We are all different, so we should celebrate that.

SO Here is the ultimate test for women:



Do you have a vagina?


Congratulations – you are officially a real woman!

You are confident and self-assured enough to know that you’re beautiful, #beautiful :everyone is!  A real woman who’s self worth isn’t based on putting others down about their body shape, but how good you feel in your own skin can make other women around you feel – but by how good you feel in your own skin. YOU are beautiful and desirable.

Cut the bullshit, really-  just as in clothing there is no true “one size fits all,” nor is there in beauty in society. From this day forward, we should all EMPOWER each other.



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