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How are you? Yes. I’m writing up another food post..  and I am sincerley (not) sorry this is seemingly turning into a xtinelovesfood.com.. hehe. Of course, I do, who doesn’t? But, it depends where you go… I was invited by a well known blogger agency whom invited me to a preview of Jamboree restaurant; obviously, as a ‘#foodie’ I couldn’t decline! The night left me with a food baby and eagerly waiting for the actual date of the opening!

Samples of a starter, main and dessert.. plus endless amount of coctails were also part of the unforgetable night.. it had a twist to it, which sets THIS event apart from the others.. We were all placed on a board, whoever pinned tweets with thier #jamboreechristine (username) and #jamboreefoodfest the most, with favs and rts won prizes! It was a fun filled event, made the inetactions fun and also learning about the choice history.. it’s not one where you sit back eat it all and not experience it thoroughly from the history of food choices, reason behind them and what else they offer.

It was for certain up my street, as I love Shoreditch, art types, casual and most important different is something I always seek..

For starters we were able to choose anything we wanted to, so I could only had their bread sticks alongside clotted cheese with tomatoes and onions, as I have specific alergies, I couldn’t have anything else (booo)! But I wasn’t dismayed by this at all, as the burger choices were the top of my list!

Burgers, I think (in my own own world) I have tried pretty much all types in London, pretty much conveys the man vs food, but in my casse woman vs food, so when I came across a more varied burger menu I was eager to see what is different?

Each of thr 5 burgers are completely different which came to my surprise, no seriously, each had their own flavour and different sides along with it. They had their own tinder food match, which was either a beer or cocktail with the burger, so I had to admit I was blown away. Mine was the Scottish one,”A true classic. Scottish beef is specially selected & known for being of the highest quality. Our Morris Major burger has been created using traditional British flavours”, with the refreshing cocktails, which says ‘cocktail to get your dancing shoes on’..and they were definately on! It was seriously so so good, I managed to eat it all, then the dubstep in my stomach which occurred when I was on my way hoe on the tube started playing, obviously wanted more burgers!

I thoroughly enjoyed this event, probably in the top 10 events of all time, and I have been to A LOT of events in the past. Food events are always my favourite, it’s a more chilled relax environment without cliches and everyone, generally seems a lot more comfortable and friendly! I had the chance to snap a picture with the social exec of the blog company, also had to snap the founder and chef! I was treated so well, so after the event on the 25th, I will for sure come back here.. my friends were loving the pictures I had posted on my instagram (LOVESXTINE) and twitter account (WORKXTINE)..

I forgot to bring the battery for the camera, silly school girl error! But, the iphone still made an impact, the pictures turned out better than expected! Warm, friendly, fun atmosphere will go down a treat on the 25th.. tomorrow!

Hope you’re all well, chat soon.



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