Two posts in one day, yes, you, are in for a treat.. As I had previously mentioned, I am slacking on the updates, #badblogger, but, it means I have been very busy, so expect the unexpected in the next few upcoming weeks!

I love socializing, I love blogging, I love the whole blogging world, well, majority of the times, so when I came across the blogger funfair event, I was more than happy to go! We all love funfairs, I used to love all the rides, candy floss, sweet treats and those silly games which maniuplated you into thinking you’ll win that big teddy prize; which no one won! Actually, that’s not true, a few have, but I like to pretend it never happens! At this event, everyone went away with a goodie bag, heaps of pictures and had a lot of fun!

So, this was a fun event happening, later on they shone us with a fun gorgeous catwalk show to end the night with! I bumped into a few lovely fellow bloggers, also, one I haven’t seen in over 9 months, Shante! It was such an amazing night for me, felt like one of those school reunions, (not that I’ve been to one)- We had our little (I mean crazy big) photoshoot once the event had ended, as you do.. I love those events where you can catch up with people you haven’t seen in ages, have fun at the same time at an event together all to mingle and discuss what’s new!

Joe Browns, is a brand I have not heard of, until I saw a few tweets about it on twitter! I was dazzled by the glittery pretty princess Marilyn Monroe dress- sure to drop a few jaws with that on show! I was obesessed with this piece too.. KAFTAN. I am totally in love with vibrant prints right now.. I was totally,quite embarrasingly obsessed with this piece; I can strongly announce this will be in my wishlist..

Their pieces involve a lot of crazy print, designs you wouldn’t normally see in the highstreet stores, the personality injected into these designs are memorable! I have fallen for some of their peices, so, I am indeed looking forward to their christmas range, as I have a birthday and some celebrations to look forward to.. I have my eye on a few pieces! (can you guess)

Thanks to the team for organizing one of the most fun event I’ve been to, when I mean fun, I mean fun! It’s better when you can interact, play a few games, chill and also have a bar nearby! Ticked all the boxes for me there!

I was kindly given the purple scarf as a gift, thank you for being so generous, it’s so cute, can not wait to put it into my autumn fashion style outfits! #ootd! Photos by Joe Browns, one of me in a scarf and the pose down below, are from John @stariaa. I loved the photo, thank you again to everyone, thoroughly enjoyed myself! Check them out!

Thanks John for the photo, putting up with me being extremely picky at which photo to keep.. Kidding, they were all amazing!


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