Hello beautiful people!

Kisses and hugs.. I know it has been so long.. I don’t want to bore you with the crazy life I have had for the last few years.. Lets say working full time and then studying full time was crazy.. For a while since March ish.. Then just crazy opportunities came in which I feel so humble about, so, eeek, blogging wasn’t a priority.. #badblogger #whycallmyselfone #apologies.. But I AM BACK… 😉

Currently typing on my dirty mac, on a bench, ‘waiting for a friend’ (no for real)’ look.. Classsy. How beautiful is this friday, I had a litlle blog shoot down and it poured down.. Yup, unlucky me.. Nevertheless, today made up for it.. and of course, I have that #fridayfeelin’  Anyways.. enough of me being all lame and ‘trying’ to impersonate a cool blogger with a ultra cool intro.. #failed.

Blah.. Hehe..Anyways, I have just spent lunch/early afternoon in Southbank soaking up the sun while a frapp in hand and my boots lunch meal deal in one.. ha. I do love Southbank and the simplicity of appreciating the crazy london life… Random, but true, a photographer with his all fancy ‘pap’ style camera, I’m so ignornant when it comes down to techological words aka names of specific cameras so excuse me) basically acted quite weird, taking photos directly at me… I waved at him, indicated to come over and take a pic, no need to hide behind the pole mate..and pop your head out whenever I turned around, I don’t bite 😛 bless..  I’m a free spirit so if someone wants to go ahead! 😀 Bit of a lol moment there.. DO YOU ever think I wonder how many snaps I’m in from tourists/photographers.. Real story: I went on a date with a lovely guy a few years back and some random guy asked us poliety, “Can I take a pic of you two”, to our shock of wanting a pic of us.. I mean REALLLY, we accepted.. he took out his samsung phone and said thanks whats your email and then walked off. Erm… ok?

We prepared for the cringe photo, but never received it. Lol! I do love the random-nessss of London sometimes, pure amusement.

I hadn’t of explored the whole of Southbank and came across the ‘kids’ section, well, it’s for adults too.. but you get the gist… fun fair rides.. candy floss, screaming kids… then the tables of ‘cool’ kids with their beers.. that scene. Love the art around here..  I thought why not snap snap (literally) pics of my beautiful dress from top top shooop… yeah, that was on sale too.. I almost, thank the lord above, find the perfect fitted dresses for my shape on sale.. I mean, c’mon, Topshop can be a bit pricey.. especially when you’re saving up for a flat! -Yes, adult talk there.. So every penny counts.. Oh, god, I sound like asda ad.. Well, on the Topshop site it says, ‘£36’..and I bought it for £15? -So roughly a bit more than half the price.. not a bad find there XTINE, you self proclaimed sale shopper…

I actually don’t have ANY orange dresses, I’m a weird when it comes down to colours.. I apply the mindset of ‘you NEED items you can wear over and over again… jazz it up or down..’ So I thought lets take a risk and go for orange.. Yes why not be an umpa lumpa for the day.. In fact, with my skin tone colour it matched up quite well.. < Currently listening to.. oh, Ed Ed sheeran you do make me sing out loud..

Right pics..

“All I need is Love”… What I need right now!

Topshop had not included the other colours.. So here it the black version from the website..

 A little screen shot.. The flowery print is gorgeous, I love the summer dress at the moment; you can say I’m obsessed with dresses right now… I am a dressy person, I LOVE dresses, but if it was not for that choice, it would have to be a simple comfy jeans, ‘cool’ top, with vans/chelsea boots..

Here are the pics from Today! Enjoy!

Let me know on twitter if YOU have found anything on SALE recently, if it’s from Topshop do let me know.. ALSO, why are they ‘chuckin;’ out the summer clothes.. Dude, the sun is out, stock summer items back.. please and thank you.. I love topshop.. See you again.. Probs Monday.. ohh #cheeky!

Executed the whole look at my shoes ‘chill shoe’ photo appeal… Nope, just found an orange seat was the real case.. Instagram worthy! Do I need to post this on instagram, find a filter to take out the essence of the colours, total at the amount of likes to indicate if this was pic worthy or shoe worthy? Ha, just kidding..

Shoes: H&M… Actually comfy as anything! I feel sexy.. yeah, I know that sounds lame.. but seriously they are, if YOU are a heel woman, then buy these! No do it, lets share a passion for boot heels.. #followforfollow right?

Dress: Topshop

Necklace: Lola and Grace (Keep eyes pealed for an upcoming post)

What do you think of this dress?

 The ‘show me the pic please, please tell me it’s blog worthy’… pic! Hehe

Not exactly sure what I am doing here – holiday the heavy bag probaly an exercise workout.. Lol thanks joe!

See the little lush bag… wait for the post! The beautiful lady who works in the Lush store gave me a FREE bathbomb, (they are pricey) but, what a treat.. You know when you meet someone, you just click, been through similar life experiences.. yeah, she said she felt sorry for me bless her, I was like no don’t I’ll pay!! She wanted to cheer me up, I paid for one -the one I wanted and she said pick any other if you could bless! I literally love those poeple who just make you smile, because they can! Her advice was perfect and it literally made my day! Thanks Lush, you have increible staff! (Forgot her name) but I will find out next time I am there!

I am always loyal to Lush, they are 100% amazing, no doubt; I always feel welcome and we always have a laugh! 😀

Right my bestie Cassandra just smashed her casting. YES, she will get it because she deserves it and is beautiful and I’m about to log off for the night in central… #fridayfeeling #celebrations!

Catch you later beautiful!

Thanks for reading AND remember YOU are beautiful.. 😉


ps.. Expect more posts!


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