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Middle of the week, almost a #fridayfeeling! Oh, xtine’s style post too! (Wednesday)

Right, I’ll aim to publish at least one style post per week, on a Wednesday afternoon.. There we go, a proposal signed sealed and (hopefully) deliver to all my lovely readers..

Pretty Little Thing is the perfect website for affordable stylish clothes! Honestly, my bag online probably consists of at least 100 items..

I’ll flick through the site, “Oh, number 5 on page 7 is sexy on the model, would like crap on me…oh would you look at that, gorgeous top in number 7, page 22.. *that voice from Facebook* that’s going straight in my basket”.. *hands over eyes monkey emoji*

“Oh, what do I have here.. a total of over £450.. worth of items.. yeah, XTINE you can only choose just two items..”. I love it when you’re able to find a few good deals and not break the bank, because lets face it, clothes these days can be so expensive!

So number 1 choice is here (yay), dress, number 2.. which I will feature soon is? You guessed it..

I am in love with dresses, more importantly, this one: Courtney Rust Cross Front Midi Dress.. damn, what a moutful that was.. At such an affordable price, £18.00..

I picked out the perfect autumn colour, so, instead of picking a plain jane black dress, I decided colour is what I need, in my life. To myself ” Midi dresses may be out for summer, but super chirpy this one is in; part sexy, part attitude! *punch emoji*.

There are only a few left, *thumbs up*, so if you want one! Not going to lie, I do love a little number one cleavage dress, I mean, c’mon lets face it, a show a tell won’t hurt, they’re going to sag in the future! *note: boobs are real*. *note:do let them sag*.


The style is the ultimate eye catch for those who want to add a little life into their wardrobe, dare to be sexy..(!)  Surpringly, it is very comfy, for once, I am able to wear something out where I don’t need to wear a bra, quite liberating, if you ask me! Strechy and fitted, so you can easily move around!

The cross section at the front is a little different.. my mum hates it..”I’m like calm down mum”.. and although you can dress it up, as it seems like the ‘party’ self made dress; you can also dress it down with a zipped up, wearing a small jacket.. if you prefer to cover up!

The shoes I have worn so many times this week, are from H&M (you’d know if you read my blog 😉 super comfy, super sexy and super affordable!

Thanks again to my brother, Adam, for taking the photos! You are very talented!

Have you bought anything from PLT? If so, what have you purchased recently!? Is it a NAY or YAY for the dress?

P.S How do #stylebloggers, aka #fbloggers look ridiculously pretty/defectless/as one could possible say online “fleek” (I hate that word too) /flawless.. C’mon they’re all so attractive and photos look effortless…

I need tips.


 Random rose I picked.. I mean, this needs to be #instagramworthy #amIright #IamCringe

Favourite shot..

As most of you know me, for being a weird funny random etc, it was hard to not pull out a funny pose.. so I hope you enjoy the ‘serious’ model poses.. Had a lot of fun! Although, rather pleased with the photos, my neighbours probably are thinking, what is she doing.. hah!

I have written my next one, so keep an eye out…

Thanks for reading.. I only ever expect just my brother too …Expect more #style posts soon! Enjoy the pictures and take care… oh and enjoy your week 😉

Right, I’m off to wipe all this makeup off, reply to emails, run a lush bath while finish reading my book! Looking forward to seeing my two good friends tomorrow, Layla and Zak!

xxxx (QUICK: catch the kiss and keep it)



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