Hello beautiful people…

I hope you’ve had a good week so far, winter is definitely on its way; probably should get used to it, seeing as it will last 6 months.. (if you live in England, like myself) (insert laugh out loud emoji).. Thanks for all the lovely comments/inbox messages, Instagram messages, RT, favourites etc about my pictures and blog.. Not to sound cringe as hell, (but) it makes me smile.. I do this because, as obvious as it is.. I love blogging, producing, being creative, having my own place on the internet is possibly something I can always be proud of!

One of my good blogger friends Adam, radio presenter, over at Not Listening @barkerpodcasts said my instagram was glamourous, it kinda is..kinda isn’t but, in retrospect I almost feel like majority of what I wear on normal day to day basis goes unnoticed.. the more ‘causal me/ lounge wear’ goes unnoticed.. So I thought, why not blog about what I usually wear, rather than the more glam up outfit!

Trousers/leggings/whatever you want to call them, is completely versatile and comfortable; I love them so much, such a good bargain! (ASOS woman) Cheap as chips, (under 15) very comfy if you decide to wear them indoors and screams ‘fasionista’..#fashionista!

You can dress it up, or down, which is pretty ‘cool’ ..it can look causal or smart either way! It all depends on your shoes/accessories. I would say glam tote bag and killer heels for a more party/sexy look.. and chelsea boots with a a plain jane smart tote bag for a casual look. Obsessed, as stated many times, probably too much you’re sick of them, but these boot heels are currently my babies; although they look like it takes effort to walk in, they’re the most comfy boot heels ever. I feel so confident and sexy in them! I’m not that tall, so whenever I wear them I feel tall and powerful, every woman should own a pair, right?! It’s certainly not going to break your bank, they’re from H&M! Pretty much can pass off as designer, if I faked it, they do look very hot in person!

This little beauty is from H&M (Yes, I do love H&M) (so affordable) at first I thought, this is a bit too much for a jumper, but it’s incredibly soft and a bit different.. I saw it today in stores, so they still have it stock, around 15 mark?! A little bit of glam into a jumper never hurts.. also, the Tiger is me.. in an animal spirit world! First points my mum stated, when asked 3 of my best qualities, ‘strong minded, fearless’.. ok, tiger it is then!

The ‘buh bye’ Felicia pose… Grey makeup & nails.. pop of colour on the lips..

Blogger mentality, approaching every detail with a reason.. or is that just me. composition details!

*insert, smiley emoji*

This design is so beautiful, every detail is perfect.. Well done H&M! Adding a bit of style into the ‘basics’..

 These jeggings/trousers/’whatever you want to call them’ are from ASOS!

 Totally love this shot! My brother, Adam, is such a good photographer! *thumbs up emojis*..


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