I am OBSESSED with hair products, if you saw my bathroom right now you may think you’re at the hairdressers. It is full of hair masks, hair spray, hair oils etc. The list carries on. WHY? Well, I started to dye my hair two years, or maybe it was a bit more than that.. Anyways, I have dyed it pretty much every other month or so, so you can imagine WITHOUT a good nurished diet and a good set of hair care products it would literally turn into a furr ball.. It did before and my mum was so shocked she had to literally soak it in oil. Long story short, my hair will always NEED proper treatments every week and so far I am used to it.

For the past few bloggers events, I have come across Umberto Giannini, I was quite sceptical at first because majorit of hair products do not actually make a difference to my hair. I am so used to argan oil products it was a bit of a inner voice and the fact I have heard good reviews for me to try it. I was amazed. I truly and honestly LOVE the hair mask. It says to leave on for 3 mintues, but if you want a deep hair mask treatment leave it on for another 7 mins, so 10 in total. After this rinse it out with COLD water. The cold splash effect will make it look shiny and it is healthy for the hair!

After two weeks of using these products I am convinced umberto giannini will work for you! It is affordable and they smell so good! Not to mention for my 22nd birthday, (28th of decemember) which was a few weeks ago, I was suprisesd by my amazing brother with a yellow box set, called Dazzle Shine! I will blog about that later on as I am yet to try it and super excited for you guys to check it out too!

Left- Right

Mousse: AKA SEX BOMB. -Massive Mousse

HOT STYLER SPRAY- Princess Purrfect


TWO hair masks

As you can see above in the picture, the thickness is great because you only need a small amount. My advice is to use your fingetips to enable a balanced mask. Rub it in slowly as if you are giving your roots a massage, then continue to wipe it all over until you reach your ends. Once you reach the end add a little more then pin it up!

I would say my hair is damage quite a bit from all the hair dye, but after dying it darker (close to my nautral colour) I will no longer need to dye it again. This mask produced amazing results, my hair looks healthy, softer and smells gorgeous. I use this once a week, normally on a sunday after the week is done.  DO NOT FORGET TO thoroughly rinse it all out or it’ll leave your hair feeling a bit greasy because it is very rich and thick.

I do not normally use a lot of mousse’s, but after using this I can see why it is so popular. You only need one dose! Literally when you press down for it a huge lump comes out which is all you need.

ANYONE with all hair types can use this product, the bigger the hair, the better! It smells so good and works well for hours. Volume will never go out of fashion! Apply to damp hair adn scrunch through evenly at the root before you give it a good dry.

TOP TIP. Shake well before use.


So basically, it holds like a HAIRSPRAY but get this, it smooths like a serum and protects against heat damanges. What a perfect combination! Be careful not to use too much though on your first application, it is definitely more like a hairspray than a serum.

Have you tried any of these products? What do YOU use for your hair and why?




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