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I guess you are intrigued to find out how to have ‘me time’, how I like to have me time and what’s this lush bath box all about..

Well, as most of you know having me time is the best time. I miss those days. Saying that makes me realise I don’t give myself any ‘me’ time and from this day forward I have made a change.

I’ve learned that life is way too short to not be selfish at times (for the right reasons).. I decided to switch my phone off for a few hours, run the bath, added a bath bomb, played all my bomb sexy ass feminist songs, sliced half a cheese, added wine into my soul and not feel anything. Apart from being slightly tipsy after the whole bottle, but, you know, me time should feel great! Not worrying about work, life in general. I love that escape.

I am a workaholic, it’s not a bad thing, but it becomes bad when you don’t have that balance.

So, for a few hours in a week I’m going to give myself me time.. So bye Felicia.

Experimental.. insane and just beautiful colours mixed together, smells are like heaven and left me looking like a glitterball. Thanks babe for the gift, he loves lush tooooo!

Love it!

Try it!






Do you ever give yourself me time?

“I’m busy”, I get that all the time.. from family, friends, just everyone in general.. Most people aren’t free. I am hardly free, it’s 9th of October 2016 and it’s my second day off.. I only have 3 other days off this month. But for some they pretend to be busy, and never really give themselves me time! Most of us don’t..

To those who genuinely do have a busy life: You should make time for yourself and stick to it!

It’s crazy, but I feel like if I am not continually working and putting my all and all my energy into something, then I believe I am wasting time. Time is so precious to me.

For most of us, we ultimate feel like taking out ‘time out’ ffor ourselves is a complete waste and you are not moving forward..

One may say it’s true, always, relentlessly pushing yourself may bring some measure of success and happiness; however, most of time going for long overdue periods without anyfor yourself may cost you in the end.

It’s just the inability to just enjoy a small about of ‘me time’ have very real health and psychological effects.. Which is scary!

Health effects can include depression,obesity, diabetes, headaches, etc.. Mentally, people may experience like myself can experience mental fatigue, insomnia, confusion, poor concentration, depression, anxiety. As humans, we need sleep, so we need ‘me out’/ time out!

“Let’s get outer here… this collection brings outer space to your inner space with bright baths bombs, fruity shower cream and monstrously good Fun! Get experimental – lather up with the fruitiest of shower gels, the most vibrant of bombs, the most versatile of products… Go to the edge of the solar system and back in your bathtub vessel, powered by colour, scent and magic…”

Check link here: https://uk.lush.com/products/ps15-ps30/astronomical




I’ll be using the rest later! Love love love

Me time: will be lush baths, reading, listening to music and sleeping! The next few days will be spas, sleeping, spas, reading ands leeping!

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