What I learnt at 23.. 25 will be updated soon..

23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 years..

November 30, 2016



In attempt to share whatever amount of wisdom I’ve managed to gain during my 23 years, I’ve compiled a list of 23 things I’ve learned so far. Still, I know I’ll forget them from time to time, and I know I still have a thousand more to go.

I am almost 24, in exactly 28 days, on the 28th of December..

“Is this a film, or what..” a line I’ll never forget from one of my friends on set as I continued to sum up my (crazy) year during our break for the three advert.. “erm, no this is my life, it’s not a film..” We both laughed.. “why is your life so crazy Christy, theres always something going on..” I replied in fits of laughter, “well, I guess the scriptwriter of my life decided to go on crack for the whole year..” We both laughed until we had to rush back in front of the cameras.. and me still thinking, “wow, 23 was something else..”.

Despite some extreme lows and extreme highs, I can’t quite believe how crazy this year has been for me and how much I have grown from all these experiences, even the worst..

I experienced so much at 23– every emotion on the spectrum and I am forever blessed at the fact I am still pretty much, well, sane.

So I have complied a list of 23 things, so enjoy what I am about to share, (whatever),amount of wisdom I’ve managed to gain during my 23 years!

I know there will be more to come.. which scares me and also excites me!


Don’t take people for granted as they won’t always be around.

I learnt this the hard way. When one of my closest friends, (who was there for me when I was at my extreme lowest) had passed away, I never really got to tell her this year, deep down, how important she was to me for the past 3 years that she was always there when I needed her. I would always say thanks, but it wasn’t a big deal or anything. I guess actions would be better but now I know words will sink in forever, too.. I wish she was here so I could say you actually saved me, you were like a big sister and seriously one of the best humans I could have met. I caught myself looking through my whatsapp yesterday, to send one of our crazy voice note message about an amazing opportunity I have on for 2017, but knowing you wouldn’t reply made me upset..

Always, always, make sure that the important people in your life know that they are important! None of us know what will happen the next day.. so, make sacrifices for them, check in on them! Send a message out of the blue. Spend quality time and just put yourself aside for once!



He’s going to hurt you, she’s going to hurt you, your pets will hurt you. Whatever happened, forgive and move on.

My close friend Virgit told me people do make mistakes.. you have to forgive and forget. I am not normally a person to forgive at all..but I’ve learnt to forgive, give people second chances; but if it continues it’s no longer a mistake. Subsequently, forgiving makes you a hell of a better and stronger person, so don’t make yourself miserable.


Don’t stress

Whatever the future holds, focus on the now -What’s happening now.


Pick battles wisely.

Some things aren’t worth getting upset over. Just let things go, don’t overthink about it. Just don’t ruin something good over something that will be irrelevant and stupid tomorrow! Sometimes it’s best to not say everything on your mind, it’ll cause unnecessary arguments and when arguments arise, learn when to walk away and shut up. For the sake of it.


You can’t please everyone.

You have a nice figure, people hate you, you don’t have a nice figure, people will hate you..

A bunch of people may find me hilarious and they other bunch not so much (maybe if they listened rather than stay glued to their phones..)


Listen to your body.

If you’re tired, have that freakin’ nap. Hungry? Need to tone up? Get ya fat ass to the gym! Go eat, everything else can wait!

Don’t wait until you’re body collapses!



Once in a while, switch it off, give some time to you! The boring/funny/long ass/ three network texts can wait and hell, trust me, social media will always be there when you reconnect to wifi… Try it for 2 hours, or if you’re that glued, 40 minutes every once in a while. It’ll change your life. I switch it off when I am about to sleep.


Ask for help.

Have you experienced death, abuse or trauma? See a therapist asap.

It’s smart as hell, trust me, it’s not weak at all.

Swallow your damn pride, because people hurt you, they die, life traumas happen, none of us can predict it; you can’t go through it without professional help! Refusing to get any help will only eat you up and hurt you more in the long run! Look after your own well being, life is too short.


Continue to be funny, because it can make someones day.


You’re not too old until you’re dead.
Make those goals dreams happen, life can change at any age!


You will get what you focus on.

That law of attraction bullshit isn’t exactly bullshit. The concept is completely true and does work.

Stay focused.
Stay focused

Stay focused.


You don’t need a 5 year plan.


Trust your intuition. You know more than you think you do. I actually follow my intuition now, your heart will say one thing and your mind will fight for it, but at the end of the day you know it.


There’s power in prayer. Small, or big, miracles can happen…


Continue to take pics, write small things in that book, document so you’ll have something to look back on!


Be yourself & trust your journey.


Continue to look for new spots in London. Venture to new places around your city!

I’ve always been one to find new hotspots, you’ll meet new people, learn new things and most importantly, have brand new memories in brand new places!


Read everyday.

Whether it’s on psychology, law, media, anything.. Learn new things, new exciting words, turn your mind on!

Smile more. Even if you hate your smile, someone out there will love it and most importantly smiling makes you feel better.


Your vibe attracts your tribe. Obviously..

Keep that circle small and be around people with the same mindset vibe! People on the same wavelength will help you get where you want to be!


Be humble and polite.


Continue to have spontaneous nights! Whether it’s a night in or a night out, those are the best times I’ve had this year and I haven’t stopped laughing at them since.

Couple of nights ago, I had a night out with Michael, Cassandra and Danny at my friend Lewis’s birthday, we literally laughed ’til the morning and it I couldn’t laugh anymore as it actually did hurt! Good times! Fill your soul with spontaneous times,  laughter is the best medicine.

23) And finally, plan some travels ahead..

Fill the soul with travel memories!

Have a lovely day!



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