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Wow, I’ve been loving all the autumn outfits recently; I couldn’t help but go in for fur (fake, obviously) as this black fur poncho is so effortless and comfy- even during the cold nights! It’s basically a two in one, a scarf and a jacket- seriously it’s so warm and pretty much matches with any outfit! It’s a must have for your wardrobe, lets not forget the price too.. £35?! Yes, it looks expensive, I do love the classy look, but I what I don’t love however is the high price tags- so when I went on to do my healthy shopping list I saw this on the rails and thought, w-a-n-t right now. I have to admit, when it comes down to ‘food shops’, I don’t really look at their collections.. I guess I never saw anything which stood out massively, so I have not really gone in into the fashion side. But since I found this gem, I decided to dig deeper into the F&F collection and came across these boots.. Lets say for £35 too (rough estimate prices) I was in love. I mean these two pieces look luxury, are actually comfortable and basically the material feels top of the range..

I have had a lot of compliments on these two pieces and whenever I have thrown, it’s from Tesco, people either responded in a ‘you’re hilarious, no way, no where is it from seriously’, or ‘wow, I never thought F&F even had these remarkable pieces, I am going to buy it asap..’ So either way, people were surprised and wanted their own!

I love a good bargain, especially as I am such a foodie, so the rest will go on sushi, prawns or chicken! Ha!

Link to the boots:


Apologies, I couldn’t find the link to the poncho, but, they do still have it in store!

Bag: coach- (favourite purse from Farfetch)

Enjoy and comment on Instagram!  LOVESXTINE

Working practically everyday this month, so these boots and poncho will come in handy!

Have a lovely week all and keep an eye out for the next post and stay up to date on my instagram..

Love you all for supporting and being with me on my blog journey.. It’s nearly xtineloves 4th birthday soon!

 ‘Look B (beyonce) I can’t make it tonight, Brad Pitt is off to take me out, lets get cocktails tomorow babes’.. haha



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