Hello beautiful people,

How are you? From the title alone, you can tell this is a style post, autumn style post to be specific!

Adam, my brother, recently bought a new lense for his Nikon camera; the excitment literally remsembled madness.. because lets face it, #bloggerissues when you don’t have a camera/photographer, now I do (have both) New camera lense = incredible photography, (much needed); new blog pictures to surface the web (my own little space on the internet) will happen, very, very soon- Keep an eye out lovely people! If you’re not a blogger, then you’ll find it hard (I guess) to comprehend why this made me happy!

Catch up:

The weather (In London) has been kind over the past few days, beautiful and sunny! Perrrfect for blog pictures, oh finally, the flowers look blog worthy (“fleek”), utterly fab for instagram worthy (cringe, at that saying), so, I guess it is one of my favourite times of the year! It’s not too hot, nor cold! These photos were literally taken outside my house/aroud my area; at times it was a bit strange, as I normally shoot away from home.. Neighbours/friends/people/my stalker(s) whom live nearby see me all the time, are thinking (what the..), ‘what is she doing’, quite literally, with the whole thumbs up Christine.. 

I know it can be so suferficial at times, having my photo taken of what I’m wearing, but it’s all fun, I guess it’s the feeling of wanting to document (some) memories! I’m back on Instagram, so whenever followers comment saying, ‘I love your style’, ‘slay’, ‘loving your style’, I instantly (honestly) feel a bit baffled, because, I don’t see myself as a style ‘icon’ to some at all, not even an inspiration.. I just wear whatever I want, not caring about what’s in, or not. I never, ever, thought a photo (s) of what I wear would become a ‘thing’ in such a world, such as blogging – but it can trigger memory. For example, I feel in love with a jumpsuit in a small tiny boutique section in New Look, for my PR intern, 2 years ago (2013), still to this day, that one peice of clothing can bring back a tonne of memories!

I love autumn clothes: the scarfs, hats, boots, leaves changing colours, so pretty outside (I live in middle of nowhere/countryside like, so all the fields/areas are pic worthy! The scented candles, hot chocolate (need one right now), cuddling, movie nights, oversized jumpers, cosy socks, halloween, feeling of approaching christmas time.. mmm, autumn scene in general! Oh and long walks.. (expect these kind of pictures)

Jeans// Cheap Monday

I always make sure I am comfortable in what I wear. I have to own it 100%.  I live in jeans, I know (online) I seem like a ‘high maintence’ dressy girl, recently a few people have mentioned that to me, I was really baffled by it,but, I guess it’s because that is quite literally what I post, too dressy/going out/party style fashion pics, but I am far from it!

I do love dresses, then again, I love jeans.. I was thinking the other day, I should post more of what I wear on normal days/most days, if I am honest.. These (jeans) were on sale (thank god) from Urban Outfitters, I know, people have this impression, (squeeky voice) “t’s a bunch of random charity-like style pieces, with an expensive price tag” but I personally love some of their items!

I was advised to check out Cheap Monday’s jean line, -insert- happy emoji face and chicken, oh my god, are they the best type around, well the best I have ever tried! Super comfy, high waisted, tight fit, don’t fade (washed mine way too many times) and most importantly, they make my legs look super slim and butt, well, the junk in my trunk looks good in these jeans! I wear these all the time, obsessed much!

Trying my best to memorise the price, hmmm, I am sure it was around £25, from £55?! I love a sale, so I was like bingoooo, cheap monday, you literally lived up to your name!

“Top”// River Island

When I say “top”, I honestly mean, dress, yes it was, a dress, -‘well how short was it, to fit as a “top” now, you ask, well it was short/ (not that short) but overtime, I wore it a lot to house parties at university, so you can guess, it shrunk, over time. Great. So instead of popping it into the one of many bags we have in my house, which intentionally goes to the charity stores, I decided to opt for the ‘what can I use this for’ mindset and decided, ‘great, this can be a top’, as the top section is so beautiful! The back is quite sexy and I love the short sleeves too! I just tucked the rest of it inside my jeans and waaallaaa, my top. Which no one in world has!

Shoes// New Look

This ‘beauty’, was once a ‘beast’ in my eyes, I was literally (honestly) like erugh, this is not me, I hate it, ‘too girl/cute’, ‘I hate shoe laces’ type of gal.. but, my (stylish) friend convinced me it looked f-a-b on me, so I bought them and never wore them for a year/two.. Then, randomly I looked through all of my shoes, as I am back home, came across this and instantly fell in love.. I forgot how comfy they are and the details are amazing! Bit of an autumn adjustment to my forever growing love of black shoes!

They were really cheap, probably under £15, maybe, and of course maybe on a student discount too? The material isn’t waterproof, not that great, so it’s best to wear in the summer/autumn, or whenever, preferably when it is not raining, hey!

But they are perfect, for a girly look!

Enjoy the pictures! I can’t wait to show you my next “shoot”!

 For once, the wind was needed!

 Outfit, a perfect fit!

 Back details..

Full shot:

 Love you all for your support//comments etc..

Sorry in advance for all the poser pictures…

Take care, and talk tomorrow?



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