Hello beautiful friends!

How are you?

More food talk.. #foodporn session coming on (first part, obviously).. OK, lets continue, before I have to go off and eat (when do I not?!).. *insert all the emoji food pics*.  Seriously, where is the double-cheeseburger, I mean triple and when is the cheese and bacon emoji going to arrive?!

If you love your BAR-B-Q, then read on! Shameless selfies/food pics on my Instagram, will reveal I do love my food..

A couple of weeks ahead, I had a very good catch up with one of my school best friends, Kah, and couple of his friends, we all gathered to grab some ribs, milkshakes and chips!

London is known for their terribly high priced food restaurants. The meat is rather expensive, whether it is worth it or not, so the actual problem is where do you go? It is hard to appeal to foodies like me, I can be picky, but only because I want quality. Everytime!

BUT, as I am always honest on my blog, there was a down-side.. The wait to be served was approximately: 45 mintues. Ridiculous. After the wait, I could understand why the wait time was almost for an hour.. But still, it wasn’t the best experience to wait for something you want. #girlgottaeat! We basically had to take one of those buzz phones with us while my friend went to collect his coffee, over with a chat we finally arrived and surprised the wait time for our meal was less than 5 mintues. I have never had to wait 45 minutes for a meal, but like I said, it was worth it, as you guessed I had to start with an empty stomach with this meal! Lost for words.

However, they do operate on the ‘walk in, lets see if we are busy’ policy. So, I suggest if it is busy and you have patience (how did I do it), then go ahead! The ribs were very tasty, I almost had no time to enjoy it properly as I stuffed it down. Very friendly service, they were all smiley, quick to deliver and delivered well.. I wouldn’t go for the chips again, they weren’t hot, I like them hot.. so that was the downer and the wait itself! Downer.

Nevertheless, the milkshake was quite intense, I sure love my honeycomb crunchie milkshake topped off with a trillion sparkly bits. Very sweet, but very scrummy! Love it! I could do with one right not, that’s how you know something was worth it, you need it again. Did I say need? ..For one, who is a big #foodblogger, I could 100% go for round two, surpsised I don’t look pregnant in my dresses!

I can safely say I would go again, IF the wait was not so long, lets say straight away, or 5-10 mintues; I would also say it is reasonably-priced, 100% worth it. I would go again!

Have you been? I am craving ribs right now.. Thanks for having me!

Let me know!

Have a lovely week, ok and thank you for reading! You beauty! Kisses and a million your way (kisses that is) Hehe..


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