I guess you are intrigued to find out how I keep in shape, but, most importantly, what do I eat, what type of exercise routines I follow, what do I eat everyday and what exactly are these tablets I have advertised on my Instagram..

Most of you haven’t heard of it. Fact. Until I was contacted, I had no idea of the brand,

had very little knowledge of supplements -which ones are the best fat burners.. I mean, I knew they existed and some worked, but I never had the urge to actually do the research and to be honest never actually wanted to try it. To be honest: I was always sceptical. I always thought they were “gimmicks”.. However, with T5, I was wrong, completely wrong.

In one way, it made me think hmmm, XTINE, maybe look into the whole fat loss/fat burner tablets a bit more.. and in one way, it made me think, XTINE, maybe they do work. Give it time.

You see, if you have been following my Instagram, you would know I have been on the 30 day challenge. The 30 day challenge simply was a challenge. Changed my diet completely, exercise more than ever, injected about 2 litres of water into my body a day and checked in a good sleeping pattern. It was a healthy lifestyle; no doubt it was extremely difficult at times.. I mean, I love wine, cocktails, lucozade, chocolate, cupcakes etc.. I had to stick to carrot sticks, once in a while a glass of wine and a mini cupcake, but majority of what I loved (what the inner fat girl wanted) was bad. Once I saw the massive difference, not by the physical side, the mental, the emotional side. See, changing the inside completely can change you and your life. It sounds “extreme’, change you life. But trust me, I love the way I look now, how I have so much energy and how I feel mentally. Strong.

However, it was hard to work my ass off, to get into the shape I am in today, because when you have a busy lifestyle, you’re not so focused on your body, if anything that comes last. It’s the money you make, your life in general. You just eat, eat and eat. However, let me tell you, looking after what you have forever, your body, is far more important, your health is your wealth. Repeat, your health is your wealth.

My life is extremely busy, the last few days I have been up at 4:30, work, meetings, work, social life, see my boyfriend, etc etc, I am working on my showreel, other acting jobs, promotional work, castings, work work and work.

I showed my schedule to my mum and she was like wow. “How do you fit in the gym?” So if I can put 30 mins aside everyday to work out, you have no excuse to, even if you’re tired push yourself!

However, with T5, you can see a huge difference, your energy is a lot higher, significantly higher. You feel miles better! 

This quality high end product has been in my life for about 4 weeks now and I am over the moon it’s showing results. I have seen changes and it has given me that extra boost in my life to stay in shape!


What does it do?

Essentially, you’re able to feel a huge energy boost, you have so much energy throughout the day and not feeling as hungry. Fat burner works? Yes, my waist looks so slim and my abs are coming though!

Trust me, I eat like a horse, a full chicken? I can finish in a day, (sorry not sorry) 4 meals? Give me 5, 6 even.. (ha)- It’s not just me being greedy, but I love food, and with this supplement it makes me more aware of what you’re eating as you don’t feel that hunger all the time and feel in control with what you eat! I am eating more portions, but smaller amounts! I’ll take the first two supplements (yellow and blue) along with a slice of toast with avocado, with my protein banana shake and maybe a few strawberries or some fruit!

How do you feel?

I don’t drink coffee; so I rarely have a huge intake of caffeine, let alone a tad in my day so at first it was a bit strange for me at first. Strange? Well the first day I felt a bit dizzy, because I am not used to the caffeine, but then after a while my body was used to it! I am happy my body adjusted to it, and worked well every time I went to the gym! The next day my body was used to it, in fact immediately. I had so much energy and I loved the fact my friends and family saw a huge difference in my size after the 4 weeks! They stated my shape was amazing! I refuse to let myself go, to go back to that mentality! I always make time to prepare good healthy fun meals and set aside time to exercise and pamper my body!

The bits of weight I had around my hips, even after the 30 day challenge was still there, it was incredibly difficult to shift. I tried everything, except starving myself (which I’ll never do..)Never starve yourself. After using T5, the fat went, after two half weeks. I was shocked. The definition is slowly coming along; I am eager to go on this fitness journey and for you to be on it with me!

As companies are known to fabricate what they’re promoting, it’s pretty obvious right, unless you live under a rock..or companies with with or look at ‘huge following influencers’ to pay for fake reviews. But, rest assured everyone that I am stating the truth and only the truth. It works and it’s ridiculous how good I look right now. It’s okay to say how good you look after hard work – no pain no gain!

Pictures to prove it! Woo!

Product Description

“Our beginner fat burning course is perfect for those who are new to weight loss supplements, looking to jumpstart their weight loss goals. The eBody beginner bundle combines T5 Max Strength with CLA 1000, a combination designed to build and retain lean muscle whilst burning fat to maximise weight loss results.

Taken over a three month duration, this weight loss bundle is a fantastic option for rapid weight loss, especially used alongside a balanced diet and exercise routine. T5 Max Strength speeds up your metabolism and boosts energy levels, helping you burn more fat than exercise alone. Combined with CLA 1000, which has been shown to improve your lean body mass to fat ratio, our eBody beginner bundle will help you melt fat fast, whilst effectively targeting those stubborn areas.

For more information on each product and recommended usage, please visit our range of individual listings.

Course Contains:

3X T5 Max Strength – 180 Capsules
3X CLA 1000 – 270 Softgels

Months 1-3 (90 days):

Take 1x CLA liquid capsule 3 times a day at meal times and 1 T5 Max Strength capsule 2 times per day with water. Do not exceed recommend dose and please follow the instructions for each product on the label”.

Link here to buy (lets become sexy together):

Are you on a journey?

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