Never heard of the brand? No worries.. keep reading, beautiful! Little review for you..

I have literally resembled a stress ball over the last few days, you’ll soon see why in the near future (work related).

Well, I clearly have so much to blog about, now, I am back into the blogging world.. no really, (woop for being back in the blogging world) but first things first, I NEED to tell you which products I love from the majik dead sea spa.. Oh, the sheer thought of being present at a spa again right now is making me want to re-live the bank holiday weekend again..

I often talk, go on and on… hence why I do what I do.. So I thought lets keep this short and simple! -oops.

So, what is the ‘majik dead sea spa’..sounds a bit like something you’ll find at a ‘spa’? You don’t say.. Sounds like high end products right? I am very greatful and appreciate all products sent to me; like always I do give honest feedback, for my own integrity and give my readers the truth. Lets be real here: Not every product I have been given works in favour for my skin, like some, certain ingredients in a product produce better results than others. It is not me saying it doesn’t scream ‘amazing produt buy, buy buy me’, it is just me saying it doens’t it doesn’t suit me, stand out or it doesn’t have that ‘special’ quality which will make me want to go out and buy it..

I was gifted these products to review and of course I always give honest feedback. I love reviewing products, especially if it’s in my line of interests. Who will turn that opportunity way?

As you may or may not know, I work in front of the camera as a preseneter. Don’t think it’s all glam squad ready stready perfect, far from. Lights are so bright, I am surprised I am not having eye problems like my grandma, then, because of the heat from the lights my skin can become dehydrated constantly; it is beneficial to use products which help my skin in many ways. It is also a plus if they are able to make a difference, for example soften the skin or illuminate.. (oh, lovethat word) it throughout the day.. I end up forgetting to blog about certain products, apologies #badblogger, busy life, hetic schedule, no time, not sure how to go about writing it.. That feeling.

My skin right now is considered to be ‘normal’, very lucky to have great skin- thank the lord for good genes, but that does not mean I forget how to look after it! I am obsessed with looking after my skin, I have more skin products than body shop.. well, it seems so! So you can tell by that statement alone, I love to look after it regardless of how others may view it, “too young to be worried about your skin”, “you don’t need so many products”.. It is how I like my fries, a lot more than others expect..

FACT: look after your skin now and you will thank me in 5, or even 20 years time! It’s all about the core foundation of YOUR SKIN. You can apply X Y Z amount of makeup, contour the crap of yourself, but once it’s off, it’s off you’re just left with your bare face-it’s important friends to keep it clean, hydrated and even.

TOP TIP: 5-15 straight mintues to take from your day to massage, clean and then mositure, is all it takes..

From the website:

“For many of us it is increasingly difficult to keep our mineral and vitamin levels at the correct balance due to our stressful lifestyles. Did you know that almost every skin condition that we may suffer from is partly due to a mineral or vitamin imbalance within the body? By using Dead Sea Spa Magik products the mineral levels within the body can once again begin to normalise and bring our inner health back into balance”.

Robert Czik Founder of Dead Sea Spa Magik

I’m not that loyal at all when it comes down to masks; simply because I have found SO many useful ones, from heated masks, to the flavoured, edibles ones.. how can I possibly stick to one?

I prefer thick based face masks, although to be frank they take ages to dry out, obviously, but I feel these are the masks which produce the right results. From my own experience they do seem to do the tricks: control excess oil and dirt – both huge must for me.. I was surprised it wasn’t outstanding from my experience, it wasn’t the best I have used. Although it did thoroughly hydrate my skin after the use, there was actually no need to apply a lot of moisturiser after using this mask, as I would normally. I sound like one of those pushy dermatologists, sorry in advance.

Ok.. I hadnt noticed a ‘fresher/healthy glow’ from this mask, it just seemed to hydrate, but no instant ‘glow’. I am not sure about the description of ‘instant skin booster’, I am not particular to this phrase, I assumed ‘instant glow boost’ which came to mind.. But, certainly that was not part of my experience, it was in the midium range, had not unclogged my pores which is something I want from this mask. It had patched smoothly to calm and soothe.. If you want a light mask, then I would say try it!

Left hand side: Result (my right which may look weird to you all)

Right hand side: Mask; 2 mintues after applying.

1) Mask. Worth it? It was 5/10.

2) Hand cream:

The hand scream was pretty much amazing for keeping my hands hydrated all day, especially when I had castings and meetings to go to after work. You can imagine all the bags I have with me nearly every other day, so hands can be quite dry, this is where super hand cream comes in hand! Suitable for all skin types.


3) Day cream

I can not stress how much I love face creams, espeically day creams for my face. I was like a kid at a sweet store, eager at the thought of reviewing more face creams. Obsession is just an understatement here. bare with me friends! I sincerely apologise for the excessive dirt on the product, I have been using this almost everyday after showering and you know when your makeup bag decides to have that time of the month, aka explode makeup, yeah.. Shit happens.

Light, with a lovely fresh scent and you only need to apply a small amount of capture the look of a dewy healthy glow.

I have rubbed the sides in and left a blob on my face, so you can see the texture properly.. Oh lala!

Bare faced, don’t look at the wrinkles under my eyes!

I love the flawless appearance my skin has after using the day face cream. Impressed is the perfect word to describe this beauty with, with the feel of my skin throughout the day (non makeup look), I found that I hadn’t of needed to apply loads throughout the day, one simple blog was enough for 24 hours. I actually wanted to apply more, that obsession crept in again, but there was no need to! So, again, if you’re looking for a light weight soft after feeling glow look then look no further friends. Try it, let me know if you see the same results. I am 100% sure you will.. right, now I sound like one of those shopping presenters, buy this gorgeous ladies or your money back.. ultimate cringe moment xtine now.. cringe.

Worth it? It was 9/10.

Moving on swiftly, or shall I say moving down 😉

4) Foot cream.. foot fetish fantaics, be disappointed.. no feet here!


I hate feet, massive loathe I know (most) of you do too.. No need to look at it, touch it, taste it or smell it. That’s why we use socks, to keep them out of sight. Ha. But, I have realised, is that I actually need to look after my little xtine feet, as I am always on the go, they need some me time. Crusty feet is a no no.. I love that word, ‘heavenly’, reminds me of something from Ann summers section, so, I thought ‘show me heaven now’,baby! The results were very good. Very good. Light, again, sensing the products have a light texture to it, smoothe on the skin, fresh smell and most of all kept it feeling hydrated and ver skily. Perfect for ‘very dry skin’ friends, but I would say anyone can use it, the texture is good enough to keep your feet hydrated all day, even if you are out in the sun! If you are milk it up, I wish I was in the sun now!

5) Toning spray and 6) Cleanser.

Infatuatedwith using this toning spray. I use it everyday as it honestly leaves my skin feeling so silky and hydrated I asked my friends to touch me up (not in that way) my arms, neck and collar section. They were all very impressed with the results, I sprayed it on them!

Momentarily I abused it for a while, I had used it every now and then throughout the day, that is how much I love it!

If you’re wondering why do I need this, okay, it works, so what.. then I would suggest it quick, simple and effective -especially if you’re like me always on the go, no time to rub in some lotion. Use it and let me know what you think! Currently abusing it right now, applying it on few times a day, that’s how much I love it friends! The cleanser wasn’t that great for me, simply hadn’t produced the best results because the one I use right now is probably a bit better in terms of how it feels and looks on my skin. I feel I needed to use slightly more on my skin than normal, which I don’t like. It was not effective as how I had accustomed.

Worth it? Toning spray It was 9/10.

Worth it? Cleanser It was 4/10.


I use this religiously now.. No doubt I honestly feel nothing can compare to it right now. Throw me a product and prove me wrong people. Give me that challenge..

I thought at first, “I won’t ever find something amazing”, until I matched with this beauty.. Damn. It feels like baby oil on your skin, the fact it is quite thick and produce the best glowing look made me so excited.. Yes I get excited over amazing 5* lotions and creams. So friends, look right, that is how it comes out as, the middle is how it firmly sits on my skin, very light and watery. and the left is how it looks after dabbing it in, healthy and worth it! Left on my hand and right, you can tell the right side is a bit dry and dull.. Try it for yourself, hand on my heart it will be your must have for life. I know it will be mine. All these felicitations about my skin and to say it is because of this product makes me pleasantly happy! Truly unequivocally waited ages for these results!

Worth it? Lotion It was 10/10. (100%)

Determinately I could talk about skincare products non stop, as they were consummately worth revewing. I love finding new brands, well new to me, comparing to what I use religiously and adulate them. That one question: DO THEY REALLY WORK ON ME?

@workxtine tell me lovely what you use? Remember, you don’t need to be obessed with your skin like me, but it is worth investing in QUALITY products, you’ll thank me in 10 years.. No wrinkles for me! (joking, lets all grow old gracefully).

You wouldn’t trust a dentist who doesn’t have straight pearl hollywod white smile, would you? Well, hmm, the same goes for dermatologists and perfect skin. Of course, everyone gets the odd breakout from time to time, mine are so big and obvious it makes me feel like crap, but, if you want to see results, try the ones I use!
After learning about others with great skin, their regimens, it’s no wonder I had to tap in, show what I can do to achieve a flawless visage for my friends, you, the resders.

Quotes of the day:

“[P]ersonally, I know I’d prefer to read an honest review by someone who has no reason to lie, than a book reviewer who has an employer and a publishing house to keep happy.”
― Catherine Ryan Howard



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