Hello beautiful friends how are you?!

You know when you’re SO hungry, there is nothing in the house (nothing good) and you have to wait for your mum to bring home the food shopping.. yeah that… Sending food emojis to my friends is not helping my case! Why isn’t there a bacon emoji?! #justsaying

Anyways, drinking on my Zeo drink and wondering… why does it say ‘low sugar’ when all I can taste is sugar..Hmm, still a lush drink. Can’t go wrong with peach and grapfruit! Q of the day, hey!


So, not to blow my own trumpet here or anything, but I have had the best week of the year! Eeeek.. l really have not had the time to let my hair down properly, ENJOYING life; I should for a 22 year old, before I know it I’ll be old, 40! Honestly, for sure, it was so fun. I wasn’t ready! Can we rewind the week, espcially weekend again..(hehe) Pretty please?

Recently I attended the blogger event..had food with the girls after.. spontateous night with matt as we love cycling so borris bikes a bit tip-say was fun/dangerous/crazy. We are pretty sensible so there was nothing to worry about! I regret not having more than one cheese cream bagel last night, I should have had 10! No wonder why I am starvin-marvin right now..

Previously the night before (crazy) I know.. I went out with my best friend Cassandra, friend Elle and met a lovely newbie Scott! We tried those caramel shots, alongside our cocktails, shared pizza and fries in shoreditch.. went into a full packed bar where I had to pretend I was 18 as I HATE being chatted up.. Most of the time it screams, I want sex with you, so I’ll say anything to make it happen or hey look at me kind of thing.. Other times have been genuine and funny.. but yeah, better to say 18 and they’ll move faster than seeing a half naked girl across the room! The night ended at a cool tiny relaxed bar in old street with jazz musicians and their band.. with procesco in hand! What I love about my friends who work in the entertainment industry is how we all understand it, how crazy it can be, and support each other with our dreams. Not often I find these people, as most are self centred, fake and backstabbers! (eek) So it’s refreshing to hang out with a few who are generally cool peeps.

Before that, my brother and I went into Westfields to bounce into stores and pick up our lastest must haves with TGI on a wednesday (mmm those burgers) and had a good ol brother and sister chat about life etc… What’s your fav meal from TGI? Then before that during the week I had a few castings and caught up with a childhood friend and a friend from a talent agency at a house party.. So moving on from what happened recently back to the start of the week I can safely say I do not keep things simple..

Well, if you read that hugs to ya!

What am I like.. no wonder I present.. if you think damn, you wrote a lot, when you meet me its like damn you do talk a lot.. #sorrynotsorry hey!

Most of my friends are older, and have always said Christine live life to the fullest NOW when you’re ‘young’ (in age), you’ll NEVER have these years back.. So now I am able to, I will!

Full of entertainment, excitment and most of all I was able to spend it with my friends.. Now on to a productive #sunday! Preparing for the week ahead already and I have so much to look forward to! Y’ know the ‘work hard, now play hard’ motto. Kinda lived up to it!

DRESSES, if you’re into dresses, this one is for you.. Summer dresses. Topshop.. SALE.. Hellooooo.. NEVER ever would I have even thought about the ‘last min’ sale section full of bits and bobs which no woman would want had a few gems in it! I walked away with quite a few items for the sale section which I have falled in love with AND saved A LOT of money. Brownies points to you Topshop! You always have my back! Ultimate love!

Location: Notting Hill Gate

Weather: The usual, four season day..

What I wore: Funeral attitre: All black baby doll from Topshop, (ofc) and black boot heels!

Colour: Black

Additional brands: Lola and Grace, Models own, H&M will be discussed in future posts… Enjoy the pictures!

Of course, I had to add some personality into a few pictures.. I don’t know how majority of ‘bloggers’ keep the serious face in pictures.. Crack a smile 😉

Let me know if you have a had a little shoot aroud the area.. I would recommend the area for sure, prehaps during a summers day! One day soon I’ll have my own place around the area (fingers and toes crossed); it’s so quiet and beautiful!

Before you see the rest.. #foodporn HAD to make its own little intrance into this post… I had the orange and mago, along with the pink leomonde.. one thirsty B right there 😉

Sticking to the simple, healthy option.. I had asked for mayonise.. a rather embarassing obsession and was quite frankly upset when they said we only have ketchup… More of a mayo girl! Don’t judge. (lol)

Okay back to more #poseasifyoureamodelpics

Applying the models own nail polish..

 ‘Ahhhh ‘totes’ love it, ‘such a blogger shot right there’ ‘what should I hashtag this as’..

 ‘Still thinking’

Ah who cares.

I AM MADLY in love with this outfit..

 Left hand.. this new colour and the right is plain light/brown pink.. Yeah, I couldn’t stick to one colour!

Biting on to my ring, I mean my sweet ring! All this blogger shoot ‘thing’ makes me feel a bit pekish.. Only me? Okay!

LOVE the new Models own range… £20 for 5 items.. and the models own bag came with it! What a deal! Thank you for Adam (my brother) for the gift. We had a shopping spree in westfields and said ‘pick anything you want’. Bless!

The makeup pallete has a range of gorgeous dark colours, the usual eyeshadow colours. I have had a lot of compliments on the new shades on my eyes!

Future post about Models own soon.. Keep your eyes peeled friends!

Where is a makeup aritst when you need one.. (thought)

 Not sure if I am doing this right.. I mean, so many colours.. is the technique/ choice of multiple shades correct?

 Lets go with Yes..

 Levitation here.. (just go with it 😉

 I must be special.. whip it back and forth should have featured this in their music video.. I am the ultimate cringe ball..

 Finally got it right.. Obsessed with this dress!

 As I am ‘safe and sound’…From Lola and Grace!

 Add in some personality…

 The ‘omfg, he’s SO hot and I am SO not.. what am I doing against a red door posing like this.. oh well, he’s a 10/10 and I am #dreaming

 They make look difficult to walk in, but I CAN assure they are SO comft as well as sexy! Go on friends, buy a pair from H&M..


SO looking forward to this week, two of my friends Freddy (Frederick) and Luke are coming to London from Oxford to see me and have a fun week and a few exciting things are happening for me.. Keeping it sealed until I am allowed to say… Life just got a little bit exciting.. As always, I’ll say hard work pays off!

I hope you enjoyed the post.. expect more, feel free to chat to me anytime and remember everyone you’re beautiful!

Quotes of the day:

“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much”.

“If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it”.

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh–at yourself”.

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.”

“Every person has to love at least one bad partner in their lives to be truly thankful for the right one.”



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