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Hello lovlies, currently listening to : ciara, sorry.

I hope you’re all & enjoying the weather! Spring is here!

I absoultely love illustrated people, their designs are so unique, funny and super cute! When I browsed around for some cute tees, I came across this “you’re basic bye”; I immediately listed some people who are basic & was like “basic, buh bye feliciaaa” in my head. Ha

It’s simple, cute and practically can dress up in any way! I honestly went to buy some shorts as most of mine are too small, as my ass still continues to grow, but had no luck! The shorts I came across were so basic and I wanted some crazy designs. I came across an embellished pair, but my ass literally couldnt fit in, only up to my legs (Oh the embarrasment). So, naturally, I head for plan B, skirt. This little beauty reminded me of strippers, (ha), I don’t know why but the zip in the middle is so risky! Like hey felicia guess which underwear I’m wearing, ha!

But the baby pink is so adorable and even though it’s smart, meets casual I thought it worked well! The sandals were an impromtu purchase! I have way too many sandals, but none were black/brown!

Do you have any items from illustrated people? They should have one saying, “why be a dick”. #sorrynotsorry!

 follow: themoderncity  <he’s my dear brother and my photograther. I annoy the hell out of him, always on his case to take photos when I know he’s busy (uni & works part time), but he’s probably the only man who understands my work, is very patient with me and will make me happy, even when his stress levels are +100.. so, thank you Adam, for being you and taking these shots! Seriously, I love ya.

Okay, enough for the lovey dovey, sweet girl, before I turn bipolar, ha and rant on about bitchy stuff.. #oops.

Don’t be a basic bitch..

Basically, in this narcissistic generation, basic is not a compliment. unless, you want that life.. It simply means you’re so mediocre, nothing special. Boring.  Calling a female a basic bitch is one of the lowest tiffs you can dish out on the spot. (TBH) I would rather you call me a dick, because what does that really mean, anyway? A super duper bitch? Yass Felicia, I’ll take it (any day).

 1) Don’t be a basic bitch and buy your followers.. Felicia, seriously? You must think the rest of the bloggers have an IQ of an apple.. We can tell: You have 17K followers, less likes than say someone than me (with 3,600 followers) and I have more comments/interactions than you? Doesn’t quite add up, so don’t be basic. Grow your audience organically. Take time to perfect your posts, interact with followers and other people. Basically don’t be a fake, I mean basic bitch. If you have to buy followers, likes, comments, friends, or whatever the you have issues. Spend your money elsewhere, ‘cos you ain’t fooling anyone, doll..

 2) Don’t be a basic bitch and copy EVERY trend. Seriously, inject your own personality, change styles & don’t follow the crowd to fit in. It’s so annoying seeing every girl in crop tops, Ivy bore park and the same pink floral dresses.

3) A bad ass sexy bitch aspires to have a long ass successful career. However, a basic bitch aspires to have a fairytale life. You’ll go through shit, don’t complain, just deal with it and move on. Guys are dicks, women are dicks, we can all be dicks, but if you spend all day filming a movie on snapchat for the world or writing up monroe quotes on facebook, then you need to re evaluate your life. Focus on your goals, everyone else will come second. Your dreams won’t wake up one day and hurt you, or say they don’t love you anymore. Fairytale relationships don’t just come on a plate, you can’t expect life to be one big cinderella crap! Basic bitches will #goals on everything, leave it out!

 4) Serious bad bitches read books, regularly ok.. and, you know it, basic bitches read hello mag, etc weekly… I don’t want to know what cheryl cole eats to look anorexic, what zayn has done to his stupid hair, or what the Kardashians are doing to their vaginas to make it on the paper mag again. It’s boring, dumb and lowers your IQ. Go out and throw yourself in an immense storyline, learn a thing or two about psychology and run your wild imagination about crime scenes. Educate yourself.

 5) Basic bitches buy flippin’ MK michael kors shit.. It’s shit. Don’t be like everyone else.

 6) Basic bitches take (million) of selfies on the lame app Snapchat, obviously, with purpose of showing off how attractive they think they are. They’re not. Especially with the dog filter. Might often take selfies in their cars or in dirty bathrooms. Not cute, so basic. We don’t need to see your selfies everyday. Zzzzz

7) Basic bitches, flirt with every single guy their way.. whether you’re in a relationship or not, basic wants attention from anyone, even that dog over there. Have self-respect and pride. I don’t want attention from every guy, nor do I seek it. I have too much pride (#soznotsoz) to accept attention for just anyone- have high standards.

 8) You’re obsessed with Paris & Starbucks,so basic; enough said.

 9) #F4F- we get it, you want to be Queen B on social media. cut out the desperation doll. Even my own mother doesn’t want to see it.

10) Billboard top ten.. basics listen to mainstream.. work work work work work.. is just annoying.

11) Tacky tattoos, stars, love hearts, stuff without a meaning, for the sake of it. Dad on your forehead, seriously, is he craving head already.  I personally think women look better without bumper sticks on them, but that’s just me. Don’t be basic though, get something which is DIFFERENT. I mean, sexy, not shitty.

11) AND lastly, doll, you ultimately think the word “basic” refers to a section of H&M.. Well..that’s right, keep telling yourself that.

Now, don’t be basic Felicia.. 😉

Love ya always XTINE


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